Zoo Project 2011

The Zoo Project have released a cheeky little Facebook status that simply says

Ibiza. 28th May… 😉

As expected this is the Saturday of the opening weekend for DC10 and Space. As usual, they have a one of party for the opening weekend and then their main season kicks in later, in 2011 the Zoo Project opening party will take place on the 18th June.

In 2010, the guys from the Zoo Project upped their efforts and had 3 parties a week, they have the Zoo Project, they also have Channel Zoo and for the first season they had the back room at Privilege.

2011 is still very early but i would still expect to see at least the two parties at Gala Nights and another night in a clubs back room wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Oh and don’t forget the boat parties!

According to Lee Pennington’s Myspace profile, he will be playing weekly at the Zoo Project starting from July 2nd

If you don’t know what im talking about, check out the video below 🙂



Source: Facebook Myspace

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