Wounderland @ Eden Opening – Review

You heard Pete tong on the radio, you heard Groove Armada play the essental mix, Now hear what Nostrum has to say about it!!!

wonderland opening, fri june 13

first off, i have to say we were only there for an hour or so, to have a look and a drink. i was quite tired and looking at the programme of the next days, i simply wanted to save my energies for other nights. but anyway, here’s the score – when we were there (between about 2am and 3:30am), groove armada were playing in the main room (and afterwards tong would have closed the night). the club was busy, the main dance floor really busy, but the venue wasn’t at full capacity. that’s no surprise though because neither cream opening the night before was packed – the island’s just not full yet. i am sure wonderland will be a success this summer, many people follow tong to eden and he really brings great guests this season. so the 3 big nights on friday will be wonderland, pure pacha and manumission. as for “wonderland or pure pacha?” i’d say: venue-wise, i personally think i’d stick to pure pacha because i just like pacha more than eden. music-wise though, i’d check the lineups (which are really good for both parties) and just decide which dj’s i’d prefer to see!

Source: Nostrum – Ibiza Spotlight

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