Wonderland TV – 06.08.10

Check out the recent episode of Wonderland Tv featuring Afro Jack, Aeroplane and Annie Mac, Three names that are making waves recently, Aeroplane did their first essential mix just before the summer and then promptly Split up with one of the duo keeping the name aeroplane. Annie Mac has had a following for a long time now, however it was only really last year in 2009 that she had her face on the bill boards of Ibiza when she played the Terrace of Cream @ Anmesia. I’m a little surprised that she hasn’t featured more this year ion Ibiza, Next year i would expect to see her Annie Mac Presents night appear somewhere on the island, weather its its own night or the back room of another night, either way i think it would go down well. Check out this episode of Wonderland TV.

Source: Youtube

3 thoughts on “Wonderland TV – 06.08.10”

  1. Why would Annie Mac be featured more in Ibiza? She doesn't represent what is going on over there…she represents what is going on with young people in the UK, most of whom cannot afford a trip to Ibiza!

    Like your blog by the way, keep it up.

  2. Hi James

    you have got a good point but her nights last year were really successful, she has her own tent at creamfields this year because her tent last year was rammed, she isnt my cup of tea but i do think he nights would be popular and its not only kids that go and see her

    Before Ibiza Rocks came around, Bands had no place in Ibiza but look how that has changed now. 🙂

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