Wonderland @ Sands

wonderland has been flying since it started a couple of years ago in San Antonio, many people questioned weather Pete Tong would work in Eden and lots of people said he did it for the money.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons were, it has worked. Pete Tong in Eden still sounds strange to me but times change, i remember seeing Pete Tong play trance in Cream!

On the 12th of August, Wonderland will be hosting a party in Sands beach bar in Playa Den Bossa, it will run for 12 hours from midday till midnight, The great thing about sands is that it is on the beach (obviously!!) i would expect the place to be rammed but you will be able to sat on the beach and enjoy it all from there.

One thing i hope doesn’t happen is like what happened a little up the beach to the Luciano parties that got so popular they were told to stop, This sounds like a one off though so all should be good.

The line-up on the day/night will be:

Pete Tong
Jamo & Andy George
Jo Mills
Rob Marmot
Iain Thomson
Ricky Cox
Luke Junk
Luka Pilato
Mathew Charles

It probably doesn’t need saying but i would expect Pete Tong to be playing the last set of the night.

If you go down i would highly recommend the Mojito’s!!

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