We Love, Cocoon & Armada Opening – Review

Nostrum has been busy clubbing again (not that im gealous one bit!!!!!) in the best clubs in the world. Here are his reviews on his last three ventures into clubland!

We Love Opening

I arrived at around 10pm and directly headed to the sunset terrace to enjoy the last two hours on this floor. After only a minute, I already dropped into friends who told me the terrace didn’t really get into swing until 7pm, but when I arrived, the atmosphere on the terrace was exactly how I knew it from earlier years and how it basically just should be! Tom Novy had just taken over the decks after Jason Bye (and before him it had been Jonathan Ulysses who apparently was really really good). Novy played a solid set with some new stuff (from which I don’t know all the names yet, I’m sorry…) as well as some new remixes from Robert Miles’ “Children”, Snap’s “Rhythm is a dancer”, a new housey/electro-ey remix from an old trance track I can’t name right now. (went properly off on the terrace!) as well as Oxia’s “Domino” and he closed with a house remix of “Love is in the air”. These two hours went by flying and I really had a great time! The vibe…the people (hi Babs and Tom, hi Austrian gang, hi everyone else!)…it’s just good to have the sunset terrace sessions back!!!

After the terrace had closed, I took a walk through space…the premier etage was – as usual – the place to be for a quiet-ish drink and same went for “El Salon”. The red box was really busy and the two remaining big rooms (main terrace and discoteca) were both really busy as well, but never as packed as for the openings (I didn’t expect it to be like that anyway). On the terrace, Paul Woolford was playing a very powerful set, much better than the sets from last year when I always thought he was playing really, really boring stuff. Inside (discoteca), Riton played even harder and more on the techy-acid-side. We decided to make ourselves comfy on the main terrace and oh, how lucky we were to be there. Because after wooly, Ben Watt followed. I now have to admit, I hardly knew anything about him before yesterday night and his two and a half hour set turned out to be the outstanding highlight for me last night (and more people who thought the same around us). His set was unbelievably good, he took the energy a bit down after Woolford, but added a much more emotional and, in a way, tender touch to it. We absolutely loved it. I remember hearing some vocals of Björk mixed into proggy house stuff, then a new version of Rodamaal’s “Insomnia”, he also dropped that great 2005 remix of “49%” (who made this??), generally played out a lot of brilliant stuff and closed his set with a new version of his own “missing” (produced as Everything But The Girl). Really can’t stop raving about this, it was definitely the set of the night for us  . After him, 2manydj’s took over and for us – blown away by Ben Watt’s performance – it was time to leave then…we also wanted to save some energy for the next days. Great opening party really – We Love is Back!!!

Cocoon Opening, Mon June 16

I arrived at amnesia at around 1:30am. as usual, in the parking area, many people (drectly coming from dc10) were having pre-drinks (or maybe in-between-drinks then), already dancing around their cars, laughter and fun generally…just the well-known picture when it comes to “el rollo cocoon”. all queues were very busy at the door but eventually everyone got in. when i was inside (at 2 on the dot), sven väth was already on the decks in the main floor and raresh played his last 30mins on the terrace. the main floor was already very busy and the terrace was quickly filling up. an hour later, both rooms were absolutely buzzing. sven played driving techno, while ricardo villalobos varied a bit more – but also his set was really energetic and all the fresh stuff he played sounded so goooood on the new terrace soundsystem

i changed quite a lot between the terrace and the main floor and enjoyed both rooms. and i especially enjoyed the fact the club wasn’t rammed to the rafters! generally, almost all of the opening parties in the last week (cream, we love, wonderland etc.) were always really busy and with a great atmosphere, but luckily not overcrowded – great

cocoon opening was really really good, lots of fresh stuff (to my ears anyway) and all with a good energy and flow. (or shall i say funk? sven called it minimal funk, no? )

Armada / Contact opening, Tue June 17

When I arrived at the club at around 1:30am, markus schulz was already playing in the main room so I stayed there to enjoy his trancey beats. The room got busier soon and when armin van buuren arrived in the dj booth at 2:45am, the main room was perfectly busy, the atmosphere was great and AvB was cheered welcome from everyone present. AvB played the middle set this night and delivered a stormer of a set, including some of his recent productions (inticracy for example), lots of other trance tracks that sounded fresh to me and some classics as well. Woohoo!

I also went to the terrace, where “Contact” is happening. Remember in the last years amnesia terrace on Tuesdays always was a bit weak? This will change this year. The contact guys have done their work well, this summer you’ll see Sharam from Deep Dish playing there (3 dates), Laidback Luke (3 dates as well), then Mark Knight playing a lot of dates and more housey stuff by Seb Fontaine, Tocadisco and so on! Yesterday night the terrace wasn’t full (how could that be possible if not even cocoon opening, which normally is rammed to the rafters, wasn’t?), but as soon as more people are on the island, this will be superb! (I can’t help it, I am a big supporter of this night) Together with the fact AvB got voted No1 DJ this year, I am sure this summer will see the strongest Tuesday night at Amnesia since years!

Source: Nostrum – Ibiza Spotlight

2 thoughts on “We Love, Cocoon & Armada Opening – Review”

  1. Great reviews, armarda is shaping up to be one of the best nights on the island. That 2005 remix of 49% was by angello and ingrosso. Amzing beats.

  2. I totally agree, i was at armada the first year it was on the island and it was quality from day one. Love the CD that was recorded there, It was one of the universal religion CD’s.

    Its a little overlooked by a lot of people because of cream but for me that’s a good thing cause i think Armada has a better crowd of people because of that.

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