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  • Vernon Kay @ Ibiza Rocks

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    Aug 1

    Radio 1 weekend has officially started! Vernon kay is broadcasting as we speak from the Ibiza Rocks hotel in San Antonio. Proooof! i hear you cry! BBC Photos are enough proof for me and here are a selection of photo’s from the ibiza rocks hotel today.

2 Responses to “Vernon Kay @ Ibiza Rocks”

  1. WTF is Vernon Kaye doing in Ibiza, he should be a bluecoat at Butlins. Did you hear him at the radio1 opening @ Ibiza Rocks? BBC License payers have actually paid for the idiot to be there, shocking. I feel for Pete Tong having to double with that lump of cheese.

  2. lol, a lot of people like him, Personally i think the BBC weekends have died a little, when i went they broadcast live for nearly the whole three days, this year wasn’t so great.

    P.S, this was a post about last year!

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