Vagabundos V2.0 @ Pacha 2011

Vegabundos is a night that makes me excited, the strange part of it, is that I’ve never been to a Vegabundos night! Confused? I am a little! I’ve seen Luciano before in the UK and last year when i was out in Ibiza i saw him at Ushuaia opening and he was really good there and this is what the root of my excitement 🙂

There are nights that come and go in Ibiza and some of them are never noticed, The Vegabundos night at Pacha is one that has definitely been noticed and was one of the most spoke about nights last year. Unfortunately, last year i was there to early to get to Pacha for this night, but this year i am really hoping i get there so my excitement can turn from the unknown to the known!!

Vegabundos V2.0 is being promoted as a new production with a ‘new fierce edge’, i obviously can’t comment on what Pacha was like last year but it adds to the excitement.

Vegabundos will open this year on the May 29th,. which is a week earlier than it did last year (if i remember rightly) and i will run through till 2nd October.

There is no information on pre parties yet this year.

When a lineup is release i will update this page, if you went to Vegabundos last year, then leave a comment and tell us what you thought.

Source: Cadenza

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