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  • The Zoo Project 2009

    Jan 8

    I know a lot of people come on here looking for information about the Zoo Project and i can tell you that the Zoo project will open its doors on May 30th 2009 for its opening party at Gala Nights in San Antonio. The info has been found on a couple of DJ Myspace pages and it was brought to light on the Spotlight forum as does a lot of information. 

    May 30th is the day before the Space opening party at the very start of the season. This means that The Zoo Project will be in for one long summer which im sure will please a lot of people. The date of this opening party is well planned to me. Its the end of the International Music Conference which is held in Ibiza and its the day before the Space opening party which means there will be plenty of fresh faces around ready to kick of the summer in style. 

    I will endevour to find out more but for the mean time we have a lineup off:

    May 30th – Opening Party
    Jonathan Tena
    Ima Gorji

    ***NOTE This Party May Be Invite Only And Not Be The Official Opening. I Am Currently Looking Into This***

    Source: Ibiza SPotlight Myspace Myspace

11 Responses to “The Zoo Project 2009”

  1. is this the actual opening party to be held at the abandoned zoo? if so where can i get tickets?

  2. Hi Anton

    There are three sources for the information so i believe it will be the opening date. As far as tickets go im not to sure were you can get them outside of Ibiza. once you are in Ibiza you will be able to get them easily.

  3. Andy Cain said on

    Are you sure this is correct? I have been told that it is just a facebook party and the only way to tickets is through invite from facebook.

    It was an email that I got off the Zoo team on facebook.


  4. Hi Andy

    According to Nima Gorji myspace it is the opening party. Ill try and find out though and get back on this.


  6. Toni Gerard said on

    Hey, Can you let me know if zoo is on between 24th to 28th september?

    Cheers babe x

  7. There is nothing confirmed yet, i would check out the closing date from last year on my closing parties page as it will be around the same time this year.

  8. the we love zoo project myspace and facebook group has a discussion that tells you about the openings. But nothing about the closings. I predict the first 2 weeks in September like last year but i went to one right at the end in October. It was a surprise opening on a Wednesday with SIS live & Jose D called Last Rave… cocoon, Zoo, Monza, Amnesia honestly the best two weeks of my life. I can go only twice this summer.. 🙁

  9. who was the chick who done the set at the opening party and where can i get a cd of that shit she rocket!!

  10. megan bliss said on

    what date does the zoo project close as i will be there from the 28th of september?

  11. The zoo project opens in 2010 on the 29th May .. the line up is amazing. I've heard that Ricardo, will be playing unannounced

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