The Zoo Project 2008

The Zoo Project will have its opening party on 7th June 2008. The event starts of with a boat party were the boat sets off from San Antonio harbor and sales to Es Vedra. There is space for 600 people on 3 boats for the boat trip (they reckon 1 boat is full already), once you have done with that you get bussed to The Zoo Project in San Antonio. The venue for the event is Gala Night. It is a large restaurant that once used to have animals during the summer to attract more customers, because of this and people just getting it wrong (including me till i was corrected) it is seen by people visiting the island to be an old Zoo, the truth is it is a large restaurant. Either way im sure you will have a really good time if you pay it a visit.

I don’t have any details for a lineup yet but as soon as i do i will list them here.

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  1. Zoo is going to be the place to be this year..We shall all be getting messy at the legendary Gala Night every saturday evening this year, the same as 2007..and whatever you do make sure you dont miss the subsonic pre-boat parties! Definately the best on the island by far..None of this Pukka Up or Gatecrasher Zoo Project we are hardcore partiers!!
    Check out!
    Also, join the facebook group we love zoo for upcoming Zoo Project nights in Manchester and Leeds over the next few months!

  2. The Zoo Projects opening is on the 21.June! And rumor has it that they have been doing events with both Circoloco and Monza in the winter times. Type, The Zoo Project Ibiza– Circoloco– Monza into google.

    I think the line ups are going to be extra special this year focusing on a mixture of cutting edge talent and proven DJ just like their Spanish and German mentors ! Lets wait and see.

  3. Garys information is all wrong…..Gala Night in the 70s was opened as a Zoo hence the remaining bird cages, bull ring and penguin pit that still exists….The Zoo Project attracts the same type of people that go that bit further to party in an amazing location with the best people. The fact that the zoo project has some of the best deep house, techno and minimal DJs in the world doesnt matter in Ibiza its all about the best people, best music and best location. Promotion not really needed…

  4. Hi wonky Donky

    im not to sure where you get your information from about Gala Nights but i believe it has never been a zoo, I was told this talking to an Ibiza residant who is a family friend of the owners of Gala night . Here is what he says :

    it is & has always been a restaurant… some years ago there was no other restaurant on the island that could hold so many people so it used to be very popular for weddings & things like that (i’ve been to lots of them in there)! during the summer, to attract tourists, they would put some animals in the gardens to keep kids entertained, etc but it NEVER was a zoo… my family knows the owners well & i remember once speaking with them i explained on the net people was commenting it used to be a zoo! you can imagine their faces…

  5. Hi Gary,

    Not sure it matters to much about the history of Gala Night and what it used to be, but with the animal cages, seal pit and other unique properties the venue holds it defiantly has the feel of a Zoo. When inside it certainly feels that way filled with wild clubbers dressed in animal costumes. Think that is one of the main appeals of The Zoo Project is it’s unique sytle that seperates it from other parties on the island. It is a must for people who just want to party hard with no agenda with like minded people. Lets remember it’s not themed round the venue being a restaurant otherwise we would all go dressed as waiters and it would be called The Fancy Food Project. The Zoo Project makes any venue it holds an event at, into a zoo because of it’s wild animal style and lets not forget the fantastic Dj’s and music it promotes. A must for 2008.

  6. Hi Funky Midget

    I dont have a problem with Zoo project the name or the theme, i think its all great and i look forward to paying a visit this year,

    I do have a problem with people who dont actually know what they are talking about coming on here and telling me that all my information is wrong when its not.

  7. People ZOO PROJECT is the best event in ibiza this summer by far!!!! its an awesome party…for the late afternoon partying hard into the night!!!
    Peace and love to all



    I’m coming over to Ibiza next week from Leeds and I’m looking to get hooked up with some work.

    I have a sales background so will be awesome for promo’s and a heap of bar experience also. I am a dj but I am sure you have all of that wrapped up all ready.

    Many thanks in advance


  9. just out of interest after reading fins comment, how hard is it to actually get work out in ibiza, not looking for nething this summer, but inquiring for summer 2009….. can neone help out???

  10. gary, i live next door to the owner who is infact a mancunian. and the zoo project did once house a small zoo! the restaurant came many years after

    sorry to knock you off tht rather small pedestal

  11. Gala Nights were the zoo project is was built as a resturant and has been ever since, they are the people who built the animal enclosures that are still there now.

    You might live next door to the people who run the Zoo Project but the bloke i speak to was born in Ibiza and went to Gala night as a child for weddings and family events, The owners of Gala Nights (the real name of the “old Zoo”) are friends of his family and still own the place.

    With all due respect The Zoo Project makes its name from marketing the venue as an old Zoo, there not going to admit that actually they are throwing a party in the grounds of a resturant that included animals to entertain the guests.

    As ive already said, im not knocking the Zoo Project as a night a concept or a theme i think its great, it dosent change the fact that the venue has never been a Zoo though.

    P.S im not on a pedestal, im not trying to get on a pedestal nor do i want to be on a pedestal, Thanks for your comments!

  12. oh my god zooo project was amazingggggggggggg x but lost my camera there 🙁 so if ne1 found a pale pink camera on the 6th of sept 2008 write on here nd let me know would be much sppreciated 🙂 cheerss x

  13. was at zoo project on 6th sept too it was absolutely rocking!! im pretty sure it was the closing party. defo be going back year after year. FUN OVERLOAD!!

  14. I’m going to Ibiza on Saturday and heard there is an event at the old zoo next Friday (12th) with Groove Armada, Wonderland residents etc….just want to know if it’s easy to get to by taxi etc. Also what is the sound like, i’ve seen a couple of vids on youtube and the music doesn’t seem to be too loud, have they put restrictions on becuase it starts so early??

  15. I went to Zoo project last August and it was the best party on the island by far. Nothing better then dancing to quality tunes in the sun surrounded by half naked girls… will defo be going back next summer

    ps anyone know if dc10 is opening????

  16. The Zoo Project is launching its new record label party called “Channel Zoo” on Saturday the 30th May 2009 which looks amazing! The Zoo Project opening party will be on June 20th 2009 and I for one have already got my ticket!! Roll On Summer!!

  17. DC10 will not open this year 🙁

    Who knows when start the boat party of zoo project ??
    It’s every saturday ??
    at what time begin the boat party please ???

  18. channel zoo on a wednesday and zoo project on a saturday both have a boat party. it goes from pussycat about 2pm It was sooooo wkd! you get food and drinks and entry into zoo after Highly recomended 🙂 !!

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