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Now the new year has started a lot of people will be thinking about their trip to Ibiza in the summer. If you have been before then you now what its all about, if you haven’t then you might not know what to expect. I have quite often met people in Ibiza who have been surprised at what the clubs and the music are like. I remember speaking to a guy one year telling me he didn’t realise it was going to be hot, he cant find a good cup of tea and he was going to ask Dave Pearce to play Baby Cakes by 3 of a kind and that would make his holiday. I told him good luck!

If you have never been to Ibiza before, then there are loads of ways you can check it all out before you go. There is always YouTube, cameras are not aloud in most of the clubs in Ibiza but there is always a nice stream of video’s to keep you entertained and by searching for a specific club night you will usually find a clip to keep you entertained.

If you want a website that is dedicated to video’s of Ibiza and the night-life then you need to check out Dance Trippin TV. The website is based in Amsterdam but the majority of the video’s are in Ibiza and its just a great website anyway.

If you have been to Ibiza, you will and been in a Taxi you will notice that the radio stations always play Dance music! well maybe not all of them but two of them do.

Ibiza Global Radio

Ibiza Sonica

Ibiza Global Radio and Ibiza Sonica are the two stations that you will have heard while you were over there. During the Summer season they will often be broadcasting from the clubs. I know last year Ibiza Sonica broadcast the Cream Parties Live and Ibiza Global Radio broadcast from Sundays @ Space. I think both stations are excellent and they broadcast all year round meaning you can listen to them right now. Both of these radio stations also broadcast online so its really simple to tune in were ever you are.

If you like the idea of this then the news gets better, Both of these stations are also available as an Ipod / Iphone app meaning you can stream both of these stations.

If this isn’t enough for you then there is another Ipod / Iphone app which will keep you entertained. Amnesia have also got Worldwide Radio, this is another application letting you stream live music from Ibiza.

If you love listening to music coming from Ibiza and the clubs then you should also check out my Podcasts page as there is a lot of music to be listened to and it covers everyone’s taste.

If you know of other good websites that have video’s or stations from Ibiza then feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. I was in Ibiza last year in August – I loved it but want to explore the Island more without the hussle and bussle. If I travel at the end of April/Start of May – i realise a lot of clubs will still be closed but what about the likes of Cafe Mambo, Cafe del Mar? Will they be closed too?


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