The Missing Dj’s of 2011

Ok, I know, it’s early to jump the gun, however the release of the Cream line-up left a couple of questions being asked. 1st, where is Deadmau5? Second, where is Eric Prydz?

Over the last couple of years Eric Prydz has played a big role in the Cream line-ups, playing  mainly in the main room, it was a little surprising he is playing no role in this years line-up, especially considering he has his own arena this year at Creamfields.

The second missing Dj is Deadmau5, again, he held a residency last year on the terrace of Amnesia which was extremely successful, hosting the terrace on a Cream night is an extremely big deal, especially when you can pull in as many people as Deadmau5.

So why would this be? Well, they could just be having the summer off…. NOT! Ibiza is the proving ground for so many Dj’s, the only Dj’s that don’t play in Ibiza are those  who aren’t good enough and those who have earned their stripes and done their time in Ibiza.

I believe last year could give us a clue as to what has happened, In 2009 Annie Mac played Cream and was very successful, every night she played there was praise the next day and since then her label Annie Mac Presents has gone from strength to strength. In 2010, Annie appeared at Space for the Come Together night, although she wasn’t a resident it was still a chance for her to get her Annie Mac presents label on the island.

After last season Come Together promised to come back bigger and better in 2010, this could mean bigger named nights and a longer season.

Its my prediction that this is what will end up with Eric Prydz and Deadmau5. 2010 was the first year for Come Together so as with any new night it wasn’t a dead cert to be busy. It proved to be a hit with Monza holding a residency there as well as Meganite / Alchemy upping sticks from Privilege and moving into the clubbing superstore that is Come Together.

Eric Prydz is rumoured to have his own night this season but as of yet there has been no word. As well as the rumours, Eric has also launched his Pryda nights since last season, just like any Dj with a new night they want to push, it would make sense for him to use Come Together to be able to get that night out there, it’s certainly an amazing opportunity to test the water without committing to a club for the full summer.

Deadmau5 has not launched anything new since last summer but his tour has been a sell out and he is in more demand than ever, He may be taking the opportunity to be the main act of the night instead of playing second fiddle to the main room of Cream, again, this may be something Come Together may be offering.

Of course however, this is Ibiza we are talking about which means anything can truly happen, everything above is my own theory, non of it is confirmed.

Weather you agree with me or not or whether i am right or not, im almost 100% certain Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz will be playing in Ibiza in 2011.



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