The Face Of Pukka Up 2012

Pukka Up are one of the old guard when it comes to Ibiza, Always there, always reliable, and they have always ruled the waves with their boat parties. If my patchy mind remembers correctly, Pukka Up were the first real club brand to really make waves with the boat parties (like what i did there!!)

In 2012 they are running two competitions at the moment to become an integral part of the Pukka Up 2012 season.

The first competition is to become the IT Girl of Pukka up, the only requirements are that you are attractive and love to party….. Ibiza is short of girls like that.. honest! If you think this is your ticket to a summer in Ibiza go over to the Pukka Up Facebook page to sign up


If you are not a pouting girl, then you still have a chance to be in Ibiza for the summer with the DJ competition they are running with the chance to win a residency on the regular Boat parties that will be running. If this is more your bag, then send a 60 minute Mix to


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