The Enemy To Open Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2008

Its been anounced that the Enemy will play the Opening party of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel for 2008. As revealed on this blog in a comment from Ibiza Rocks the hotel will open on the 31st May with the Ibiza Rocks night kicking of from mid June. As part of the opening Ibiza rocks are offering a package for people to go to the opening night. You can stay in the Ibiza Rocks Hotel for 3 nights and get tickets for the Gig for only £75.

This seems like outstanding value though im not sure at this point weather that includes flights. or if its hotel only.

Taking a look round the website it seems like everything is being done to make this a very memorable place to stay.

Source: IbizaRocksHotel

*** UPDATE ***

All the £75 tickets have sold out

2 thoughts on “The Enemy To Open Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2008”

  1. This event sound like an amazing offer…Might have to book a few rooms and auction them off. Im going to the secret party aswell on the 31st May just before I hit the hotel at night time.

    I cant miss the secret party…everyone is talking about it. A selected few find out the secret collection point and a map is given out at this location leading you to the final secret location…. I like it, just like the rave days going up and down the M1. Its gona be mayhem…whoop roll on Ibiza

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