The Biggest Ibiza Club Nights of 2010

This is a guest post by John who blogs on the Ibiza clubbing site

With the 2010 Ibiza clubbing season drawing in fast the usual scramble for the clubs to finalise their lineups and get us hot under the collars with the prospect of ‘special guests’ is well underway. But with announcements and lineups flying from all directions at this time of year its easy to miss the really big stuff so here’s my attempt at singling out the parties which I think are shaping up to make the biggest splash in 2010.
Space opening weekend
No great surprises the Space opening party is going to be big but in what I believe must be an Ibiza first Space are stretching their opening ‘fiesta’ over 2 days. If this translates to success in terms of ticket sales it wouldn’t surprise me if more big clubs and promoters in Ibiza try the same formula next year.
Deadmau5 at Cream, amnesia
With it’s usual powerhouse duo of residents PVD and Ferry Corsten returning to headline Cream 2010 this nights guaranteed to be as big as ever on Thursdays at Amnesia but it’s the nights with Deadmau5 hosting the terrace that we think are going to be massive. This guys had an incredible 12 months and recently sold out Brixton at £40/ticket so catching him in the backroom at Amnesia for €40 with Ferry in the other rooms got to be the biggest bargain in Ibiza this summer! Look out for Deadmau5 hosting the mixmag terrace from the 12th August onwards.
Circo Loco @ DC-10
Ibiza’s black sheep is back on the White isle in 2010. Circo Loco was the dirty little secret of the Ibiza scene until DC-10 got on the wrong side of the authorities. They did one night last year and have announced an opening party for the 31st May 2010 which everyone’s hoping to precede a full season of parties.
Dizzee Rascal at Ibiza Rocks
Genre defying Dizzee is my pick of the Ibiza Rocks 2010 lineup. This guy puts on a great show, he loves Ibiza and Ibiza Rocks is the type of crowd he can whip up into a bizarre indie/ dance/ hip-hop induced frenzy. Florence and the Machine and Ian Brown are my other picks for Ibiza Rocks this year.
Glas at Es Paradis
One of the most important developments in Ibiza’s gay scene in the last few years sees Birmingham’s Glas brand front and centre in San Antonio at Es Paradis. With an opening party scheduled for 17th June (same night as Cream opening) I’ll be interested to see how this night fares.
Hed Kandi moving (again) to Es Paradis
Hed Kandi’s not everyones cup of tea but Es Paradis is the perfect venue for the funky house night where it can pull in passing traffic from the West End. This nights moved 3 times in 2 years which has got to be some sort of record! If its going to find a home anywhere on Ibiza surely Es Paradis will be it. Opening party set for 12th June.
Lets not forget – Radio 1 weekend
As ever this will be a hugely busy weekend in Ibiza 2010. Looking at the calendar its likely to take place on the weekend of 30th July this year – get your Ibiza Ibiza hotels booked now:-)
What nights do you think are going to be big in 2010? Let us know in the comments.

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