The Arena @ Vista Club

This has to be the best lineup ive seen to a night ive never heard of that’s located in a back room of a club, ok, so its the back room of Privilege, but this lineup is great.

The night is called The Arena, and its in Vista Club, which is located in the back right hand corner of privilege if you go through the main entrance. Dj’s to be performing include:

  • 2 Many Dj’s
  • Dj Sneak
  • Erol Alkan
  • Fake Blood
  • Umek

Thursday night is a big night in Ibiza with some massive nights and Dj’s hogging the limelight which is why only part of Privilege is open on Thursdays this year. IUf you fancy going against the grain on a Thursday this year, i dont think you could go far wrong with the Dj’s lined up for this night.


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