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Radio 1 weekend – 2012

Its ultra early, i know, but i am already coming under fire with questions about Radio 1 weekend in Ibiza for 2012 so i thought i would put this out there.

Currently, there are no dates set for the Radio 1 weekend in 2012. Anybody’s best guess would be the same weekend as this year which was the 5th and 6th August, though this will not be confirmed until much closer to next summer.

In 2011, radio 1 weekend was due to be broadcast live from a special night from space but a few weeks before the event, they switched this so the live radio shows for Annie Mac and Pete Tong were broadcast from Ushuaia Beach Hotel. They were joined by a large amount of guests, some of them passed of as surprise.

In 2012, its hard to predict what is going to happen, They could be at Ushuaia again, but if im being 100% honest, it didn’t sound very good listening on the radio. I don’t think they will go back to Ibiza Rocks again, as it’s a little to soon. They could host something in Gala Nights, where the Zoo Project have their parties, as they have done events there in the past.

Something i did pick up on though at the end of this season was an interview in a UK newspaper with Pete Tong, he was talking about organising Ibiza’s first ever festival. I think this narrows it down to two options for me. The first option, which i think is likely, would be to have it the weekend before space opens at the end of May and have it tie in with the Ibiza International Music Summit which is May 23rd – 26th, though the dates don’t work right. Or, they may have radio 1 involved and have it as part of the Radio 1 weekend. Over the last decade (and longer) Radio 1 have been and done everything in Ibiza, they have been in lots of different locations, and they have been in most of the clubs. For people who have been around for that long following it all, it’s getting very dull, every year is pretty much the same, however, if they were part of a music festival in Ibiza, then this would be a first for radio 1 and certainly mix it up a little.

MTV have tried this before but it didn’t go down well with the local councils as far as i am aware which is why it didn’t stick around.

Regardless of all this however, Radio 1 will be in Ibiza in 2012 and im sure it will be a roadblock as usual 🙂


Zoo Project 25 June

This week, the Zoo project will be on it like a car bonnet! Having already thrown the opening party, the second full Zoo project day will be a mammoth one!

The Zoo project is the only weekly party that runs for 17 hours spreading over three venues. The day starts of at 1pm with the Boat party, it then carries on at Gala Nights from 4pm till midnight, from then, you can make the short trip over to Privilege to dance till the sun comes back up with the Saturday Night Project.

Noahs Ark Boat Party
Zoo Project Official Pre Party | Meeting point 1:30 pm @ Pussycat | San Antonio Harbour

Jonathan Tena
Tribal dance performance by The Minx FX

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Noahs Ark Opening

On the 11th June the zoo project will set sail with Noahs Ark. Noahs Ark boat parties are the official boat party for The Zoo Project. It seems that every man and his dog are doing boat parties at the moment, however if i was going to go on any boat parties it would be this one.

The Zoo Project’s renowned boat party – Noah’s Ark takes you on a once in a life time experience around the mysterious island of Es Vedra, off the coast of Ibiza.

Long ago, God told Noah to gather two of each animal, one female and one male, from across the world as great floods were coming to wipe out all wickedness and sin. Noah obeyed and with the animals safe inside the ark, treacherous rain began to fall. The rain poured down for 40 days and 40 nights, resulting in the earth being flooded for one hundred and fifty days.

As the sun finally appeared, a small dove returned from its second flight and whispered into Noah?s ear telling him of a mystical white island. Hopeful, Noah set sail towards the island. As the boat got closer the animals began to feel exhilarated and started to celebrate rapturously. Behind a gigantic magnetic rock in the middle of the sea, a bright white glow appeared on the horizon, the dove was right, they had found the promised land. They christened the island ‘The White Isle’ after its distinctive glow.

On arrival to the island Noah built a place of worship in an old abandoned zoo known as Galanight. Gathering all the living creatures in the world, Noah led the animals to his safe haven. Enchanted with the Zoo and it’s surroundings the animals befittingly renamed it The Zoo Project and vowed to visit every Saturday and Wednesday and assist in keeping the parable of Noah’s Ark alive.

Im not sure what time the boat leaves at the moment but im sure the Zoo Project will be the best boat party in Ibiza this year.

What more, getting a ticket for Noahs Ark will also grant you entry into the Zoo Project that day, They will also provide your transport there!

NOAHS ARK includes |
~ 3 hrs of open air day time party experience
~ Zoo Project DJs + special guests
~ FREE food
~ limited FREE drinks
~ FREE transport to THE ZOO PROJECT
~ guaranteed entry & queue jump

Opening Party 11th June

11th June 2011 | Opening of NOAHS ARK Underground Club Boat | Official Zoo Project Pre Party Boat | with Zoo Project residents & special unannounced guests | special performance by The Minx FX

Source: Email

Zoo Project 2011

The Zoo Project have released a cheeky little Facebook status that simply says

Ibiza. 28th May… 😉

As expected this is the Saturday of the opening weekend for DC10 and Space. As usual, they have a one of party for the opening weekend and then their main season kicks in later, in 2011 the Zoo Project opening party will take place on the 18th June.

In 2010, the guys from the Zoo Project upped their efforts and had 3 parties a week, they have the Zoo Project, they also have Channel Zoo and for the first season they had the back room at Privilege.

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Space Opening 2011

Jump ToLineup

Space will open on Sunday the 29th of May 2011, Originally, i reported that the opening party would be spread over two days again as it was in 2010, however this information seems to have changed and it now only seems to be the Sunday which will be the opening party. It’s a shame, because i thought the two-day parties would become something in themselves, however after being on the island for the opening weekend in 2010, many people said the first day was quiet, maybe this is the result.

The line-ups will come out in dribs and drabs, i will update this post when i read about it, however the main update will be when the full lineup is announced.

If you get the opportunity, this opening weekend is a great weekend to be on the Island, everybody has a buzz about them because it’s the start of a fresh year and they have been waiting all winter for it! This post is about space but the opening weekend is about so much more, it will be a time of year you never have a bad word to say!



Carl Cox
Jeff Mills
John Digweed
Andy Fletcher “Dj Set” Depeche Mode
Steve Lawler
Fedde Le Grand
Wally Lopez
Mark Knight
Cristian Varela
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
2000 And One
Elio Riso
Jon Rundell
Paul Darey
Jonathan Ulysses
Danny Serrano
Pablo Kopanos
Rafa Ariza
Danny Leblack
Steffen Baumann
Ramon Castells
Oscar Cano
Jose Maria Ramon
Mr. Doris
Fonsi Nieto
Tania La Croix
Rad Damon & Iban Reus
Juan Gomez
Tino Morgado
Fabrik Club Dj
Metro Club Dj
Fever Club Dj

Source: Space

Zoo Project & Saturday Night Project 18th September

What i believe is the penultimate Zoo project for 2010 (not confirmed) Zoo project host another party in the hills above San Antonio, they have had a full season now and the Dj’s are season long veterans at getting the crowd going and knowing what people want to hear, A party that is popular at the best of times will be well oiled and ready to smash it.

September 18th – The Zoo Project @ Gala Night


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Saturday Night Project @ Privilege Ibiza 2010

The Guys from the Zoo Project are determined to take over the world and they are starting with Ibiza! As we know they have the Zoo project on a Saturday and channel Zoo on a Wednesday, there is an Ark thrown in for good measure along the way. Everything they have done has been positive and a great success.

Held at Privilege every Saturday starting from the 26th June, they want you to ‘Reclaim Your Mind’ with the ‘Saturday Night Project’. Continue reading Saturday Night Project @ Privilege Ibiza 2010