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The Zoo Project 2009

I know a lot of people come on here looking for information about the Zoo Project and i can tell you that the Zoo project will open its doors on May 30th 2009 for its opening party at Gala Nights in San Antonio. The info has been found on a couple of DJ Myspace pages and it was brought to light on the Spotlight forum as does a lot of information. 

May 30th is the day before the Space opening party at the very start of the season. This means that The Zoo Project will be in for one long summer which im sure will please a lot of people. The date of this opening party is well planned to me. Its the end of the International Music Conference which is held in Ibiza and its the day before the Space opening party which means there will be plenty of fresh faces around ready to kick of the summer in style. 

I will endevour to find out more but for the mean time we have a lineup off:

May 30th – Opening Party
Jonathan Tena
Ima Gorji

***NOTE This Party May Be Invite Only And Not Be The Official Opening. I Am Currently Looking Into This***

Source: Ibiza SPotlight Myspace Myspace