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Swedish House Mafia @ Ushuaia 2011

Today sees the start of another Ushuaia party! The Swedish House Mafia are undoubtedly some of the most popular Dj’s on the planet at the moment!

Today they will be taking over at the Ushuaia hotel in Playa Den Bossa. If you haven’t heard of this yet then i believe you may have been hiding under a rock!!

Ushuaia is a new hotel that has been taken over by the team of people responsible for the Ushuaia beach bar which had some amazing parties before the police put an end to them early last year.

So far this season, they have Luciano doing a weekly party as well as Defected and SupermarteX.

Today see’s the opening party for the Swedish House Mafia who roll into the hotel with Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. Now generally, i tend to prefer Size Matters nights over Swedish House Mafia nights, either way, you get to see these guys without being crammed in a very hot and stuffy club!

The event starts at 5pm and runs till midnight. Tickets cost €40 but if you get them from Ibiza Spotlight in advance they are €25 and there in lies the issue i have with Ushuaia at the moment. I’ve seen all the video’s and pictures and it does look good, however lots of people have said it doesn’t get going till around 9pm which means you are paying a lot of money and waiting a long time for people to get into it. For €40 you can get into most clubs in Ibiza and party till 8am!

Anyway, if i was going to see the Swedish House Mafia in Ibiza, i would choose Ushuaia over Pacha. I’ve never seen the Swedish House Mafia in either but the open air would always win my vote 🙂

These parties are now weekly until the 28th September.

Source: Image From Spotlight

Pacha Overcrowding

Every now and then when your reading reviews you come across someone complaining about how busy a club is and how it ruins a night. Cream in Amnesia has always been a night people say is to busy but in my experience there has always been a place to stand, even if it’s not on the dance floor or facing the DJ.

But over the last 12 months the attention hasn’t been on Cream but its been on Pacha, I keep reading time and time again about the club being so full for the FMIF night and for the Swedish House Mafia Night. As ive said in the past, people will always complain about it being to busy and it not being enjoyable, but these reviews are now changing to people not feeling safe in a club which i feel is a totally different story.

Ibiza Voice has just published a story about David Guetta’s night at which people were pushing each other around and scuffling with security. It’s certainly not the type of thing you want to be hearing about any night. Ibiza voice seem to be calling to Pacha with the article they released to do something about it and i agree with them.

In the 12 years ive been going to Ibiza ive never seen or heard of any of the big clubs say a night has sold out. This type of overcrowding is only something that seems to be talked about in the last couple of years and it is always at the more commercial nights on the island. Maybe the nights are attracting more people than the club can handle, or maybe the internet is just making it easier to find stuff like this out without being there in person.

Either way, it really seems like Pacha need to address what really seems to be a problem with their two commercial nights.

Source: Ibiza Voice

Swedish House Mafia @ Pacha 2011

Swedish House Mafia don’t really need much of an introduction any more, everybody under the sun wants to see them as became apparent to me when tickets sold out to their Manchester show in minutes, then Steve Angello’s night sold out ridiculously quickly as well!!

Everything they are touching is turning to gold and they have become somewhat invisible in the world of dance music. They have complete two seasons in Ibiza so far and their popularity seems to be getting stronger and stronger every year.

On a personal note, i think the Swedish House Mafia are a guilty pleasure, i like going to see them because the atmosphere they generate is intense, they can get a crowd going and to borrow a phrase from Richard Keys, they ‘Smash it’! It feels guilty though because their music can be cheesy and commercial, at the end of night though it always feels worth it!

In 2011 i expect the night to be more popular than ever and this could be their downfall, they are staying in Pacha and reports came out last year about the club being that full people didn’t feel safe in it, Ibiza has more amazing clubs in a small area than anywhere else in the world, it may have been safer for everyone to move to a bigger club not to mention they would make more money from it!

The theme for 2011 has not been released yet, neither has the line-ups but Ibiza Spotlight do have the dates for the opening and closing parties. If your on the island this year then i would recommend you pay a visit, however expect a high ticket price and a very busy club!

Opening: 6th June

Closing: 26th September

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Ibiza Rocks Hotel Deals 2010

Ibiza Rocks Hotel has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, some readers may remember i initially had some big concerns with Ibiza Rocks Hotel in that when it opened you booked through twenties, my concerns have been completely blown away with what they have done and im delighted to say how wrong i got it.

Ive not stayed there myself but i have been in and everything from the entrance to toilets has been done exceptionally well, the atmosphere in there for an Ibiza Rocks night is second to non and when i was there had a brilliant time (even if it was the Ting Tings playing!!!) Continue reading Ibiza Rocks Hotel Deals 2010