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Radio 1 weekend – 2012

Its ultra early, i know, but i am already coming under fire with questions about Radio 1 weekend in Ibiza for 2012 so i thought i would put this out there.

Currently, there are no dates set for the Radio 1 weekend in 2012. Anybody’s best guess would be the same weekend as this year which was the 5th and 6th August, though this will not be confirmed until much closer to next summer.

In 2011, radio 1 weekend was due to be broadcast live from a special night from space but a few weeks before the event, they switched this so the live radio shows for Annie Mac and Pete Tong were broadcast from Ushuaia Beach Hotel. They were joined by a large amount of guests, some of them passed of as surprise.

In 2012, its hard to predict what is going to happen, They could be at Ushuaia again, but if im being 100% honest, it didn’t sound very good listening on the radio. I don’t think they will go back to Ibiza Rocks again, as it’s a little to soon. They could host something in Gala Nights, where the Zoo Project have their parties, as they have done events there in the past.

Something i did pick up on though at the end of this season was an interview in a UK newspaper with Pete Tong, he was talking about organising Ibiza’s first ever festival. I think this narrows it down to two options for me. The first option, which i think is likely, would be to have it the weekend before space opens at the end of May and have it tie in with the Ibiza International Music Summit which is May 23rd – 26th, though the dates don’t work right. Or, they may have radio 1 involved and have it as part of the Radio 1 weekend. Over the last decade (and longer) Radio 1 have been and done everything in Ibiza, they have been in lots of different locations, and they have been in most of the clubs. For people who have been around for that long following it all, it’s getting very dull, every year is pretty much the same, however, if they were part of a music festival in Ibiza, then this would be a first for radio 1 and certainly mix it up a little.

MTV have tried this before but it didn’t go down well with the local councils as far as i am aware which is why it didn’t stick around.

Regardless of all this however, Radio 1 will be in Ibiza in 2012 and im sure it will be a roadblock as usual 🙂


Carl Cox @ Space 2011 – 10 Years Of Revolution

In 2011, Carl Cox will celebrate 10 consecutive seasons in Space. Not many club nights manage this feat, but if anyone can do it solo, its Carl Cox.

All Carl Cox needs to do is turn up and its going to be a success, but that’s because of the 10 years work he has already put into his event at Space. Carl Cox has been quoted as saying, he can’t believe its been 10 years, and neither can i! 2001 doesn’t seem that long ago to me, however in the clubland of Ibiza it’s a lifetime!

You are always guaranteed a great night when you go to see Carl Cox but this year the line-ups and the parties are going to be the best yet, In carls own words ‘this year is going to top them all’

There are no full line-ups announced yet however the opening party and closing party date has been announced, you can guarantee Carl will be playing every week and this year the revolution will be starting on the 5th June and running through to the 20th September. Continue reading Carl Cox @ Space 2011 – 10 Years Of Revolution

José María Ramón – Winter Mix

Space have uploaded a nice little mix to soundcloud for you to get through to the end of the week 🙂

A winter mix from José María Ramón. José is the a Dj who was born in Ibiza and is the programming director for Ibiza Global Radio, as well as hosting some of the shows, what does all this mean? well it means he knows what he is doing! If your missing Ibiza this winter, then there probably isn’t anyone better to bring a little sound of Ibiza to you.

Winter – José María Ramón by Space Ibiza

Space Opening 2011

Jump ToLineup

Space will open on Sunday the 29th of May 2011, Originally, i reported that the opening party would be spread over two days again as it was in 2010, however this information seems to have changed and it now only seems to be the Sunday which will be the opening party. It’s a shame, because i thought the two-day parties would become something in themselves, however after being on the island for the opening weekend in 2010, many people said the first day was quiet, maybe this is the result.

The line-ups will come out in dribs and drabs, i will update this post when i read about it, however the main update will be when the full lineup is announced.

If you get the opportunity, this opening weekend is a great weekend to be on the Island, everybody has a buzz about them because it’s the start of a fresh year and they have been waiting all winter for it! This post is about space but the opening weekend is about so much more, it will be a time of year you never have a bad word to say!



Carl Cox
Jeff Mills
John Digweed
Andy Fletcher “Dj Set” Depeche Mode
Steve Lawler
Fedde Le Grand
Wally Lopez
Mark Knight
Cristian Varela
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
2000 And One
Elio Riso
Jon Rundell
Paul Darey
Jonathan Ulysses
Danny Serrano
Pablo Kopanos
Rafa Ariza
Danny Leblack
Steffen Baumann
Ramon Castells
Oscar Cano
Jose Maria Ramon
Mr. Doris
Fonsi Nieto
Tania La Croix
Rad Damon & Iban Reus
Juan Gomez
Tino Morgado
Fabrik Club Dj
Metro Club Dj
Fever Club Dj

Source: Space

Happy Christmas From Space

Winter has gripped us well in the UK with more snow set to come down this week. Great timing for Space to treat us to a little Christmas Mix to say thank you for a great 2010 of music and sunshine!

Space have released an hour long mix by Remo to remind of us of a great summer and to get people excited for 2011!

If you are close to one of the Space world tour events, then get yourself there!

You can listen to the mix below, or click the link for the option to download the mix for your own pleasure.

Christmas – Remo by Space Ibiza

Come Together @ Space 2010

Its being advertised as a night for like minded people from all over the globe to ‘Come Together’ in one place. There have been no line-ups confirmed or announced yet and the space website lists the dates and not the line-ups. I have seen the flyer for this event with a large list of Dj’s playing this summer and my initial reaction was ‘wow’. the mix of D’j’s is not something you would expect to see together but a mix of Dj’s you would like to see in one night out.

A new night for the 2010 season is Thursdays at Space with ‘Come Together’. Not a night ive heard about anywhere else, the RA website notes the promoters as Space and Safehouse Management, it could be ‘Safe’ to say it’s a new night created for Space.

Continue reading Come Together @ Space 2010