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Space 20th Anniversary

In 2009 Space will celebrate its 20th anniversary, Space is well known for having some of the best parties of the year in the form of its opening and closing parties, People will book their holidays to Ibiza so that they make sure they are there for the opening and those that can will also make sure they are at the closing party as well. Some people will say that the space opening and closing parties are the only parties worth going to (i strongly disagree with this!!!!).

On the 14th August 2009 space will be adding another date to the unmissable calendar that space provides. Tickets are already available for this party priced at €45 but if any party in Ibiza will sell out this year it will be this one!!

Space have promised lots of surprises for this party and im sure the lineup will be amazing. There have been many many Dj’s play at Space from its birth and this party is set to be a celebration of that. They have promised the cream of today’s crop as well as the names that have made Space the club that it is over the last 20 years.

Personally i would love to go to this party myself as it will be very special, Id be lying if i said i wasn’t gutted i could go.

Booka Shade
Camilo Franco
Christian Burkhardt (Live)
David Moreno
Dj Gorge
Djuma Soundsystem (Live)
Elio Riso
Issie Nixon
Jamie Jones
Jonathan Tena
Jose Maria Ramón
Jose Padilla
Michel Cleis
Milly De Mori
Minimono (Live)
Oriol Calvo
Oscar Cano
Oscar Colorado
Paco Fernandez (Live Show)
Paul Darey
Paul Nazca
Pikaya (Live)
Ramón Castells
Ray Okpara
Stefano Fontana
System Of Survival
Tolga Fidan (Live)

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