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Slash In Pacha

Nobody is out of bounds when it comes to guests, musicians, celebs performing in Ibiza these days. If Paris Hilton can have her name on a night, then anybody can.

Dirty Dutch is a night ive been to before at a festival in the UK, they had their own arena in Creamfields many years ago, unfortunately they didn’t really attract any people to the tent as when i popped my head in there were about 3 people just sat down. Since then, they have continued with their thing and the Dj’s on the label are much more well known than back in the lonely arena in Creamfields.

On Monday their special guest is Slash! I dont think i need to explain who he is, and if i do, then tough!

I would be presuming he will be playing the guitar with the music, in my head i see it being like the people who play Sax or Bongos to the music. Im personally not a big fan of the bongos or Sax in a club, for me, its good as bar music but keep it out the club!

If i was there, i wouldn’t be going, but it intrigued me enough to blog about it….. ROCK ON!!

Slash In Pacha