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Just Search Reviews

When you’re looking for some ware to stay in Ibiza it can be a stress full-time. If your like me, you book the hotel and flights separate and you can really save some cash doing it this way.

Listening to people and reading reviews can sometimes put people off because the problem with reviews, are that they are personal to an individual with pre conceived expectations. If you just search for some reviews on-line you will be returned with many review websites, www.tripadvisor.co.uk is a big website which has reviews for almost every hotel / apartment / villa you can think if.

When your reading accommodation reviews, take them with a pinch of salt. There are some review websites that give the age range of the reviewer and the reason they stayed in that accommodation. If you get a really bad review remember it may be from someone expecting something completely different.

As an example, i have stayed in the Tur Palace in Playa Den Bossa before. My opinion, 5 / 10, it did a job, it was nothing special but it was clean and in a decent place. I think this is an honest review, i never expect the world when i go away and i do believe you get what you paid for. Now check out the last two reviews on holiday watchdog

Review 1 – 1 /10

i gave this a one only because there wasn’t a 0 what a [–] this was no maid for a week dirty appartement toilet etc had to buy cleaning stuff before we could unpack bed under the settee dirty reception staff useless and very abrupt we booked with alpharooms but when we got there they had no booking off them for us stay here at your peril!!!!! the only good thing was that it was on the beach.

a bad review, i know this is a genuine review, because i to have arrived and there was no record of my booking, i booked through booking.com.

review 2- 10 / 10

Great hotel with view of the sea if you lucky enough, to get this room with view of the sea! Good locality, near the club Space and bus stop for free buses to night club.
It`s more for young people There is a restaurant right next door & they make the best food & are so lovely! The pool is nice & the rooms are kept clean & tidy.

A perfect score and a good review. both people believe they are correct, but they both contradict each other. I also believe the second review is genuine because they have mentioned the sea view, i don’t think someone leaving a fake review would think of this.

What you need to do is read lots and make your own judgement, pissed off people will exaggerate how bad something is, really happy people will over cook how good something is. read everything and take an average.