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Retro @ Sankeys Ibiza 2012

One of my loves in life has to be Retro more specifically, Paul Taylor. I blame it entirely on spending time in the North East of England where Retro was an institution for so long. Over in Ibiza, Retro has had its highs. Circo 10 years ago, Retro was the workers party of choice, the retro tunes went down a storm and Retro was cemented.

Unfortunately, the pull of Retro has dropped some what over the last 5 years or so, i myself haven’t been to one for years now, but once in a while, i do go, and it reminds me why i loved it so much!

This summer, Retro don’t have a regular night, but they have confirmed two parties in Sankey’s Ibiza on the 2nd July and 18th September

If you have the chance, go and check it out, if you cant make the night, try your best to get to the pre party, Retro is one of the best pre parties around.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Retro @ Pacha 2009

Retro will be back in Ibiza for 2009 on Tuesdays @ Pacha. Retro is one of those nights that not many people actually talk about. It started off in Ibiza a long time ago and was very popular with the workers on the island. Since then it has moved away from San Antonio and now resides in Pacha.

If you are not to sure about Retro or don’t want to choose it as one of your nights out then i would highly recommend going to the Retro pre party, Paul Taylor is the Dj behind Retro and every time i have been; his pre parties have been amazing, He has a real enthusiasm for the music he is playing and it shows by his energy.

No lineups have been announced and neither have the opening and closing parties. With regards to the Lineup Paul Taylor will be there ever week, You can probably expect to have guests performing live as they do in the UK.

Source: Retro Events