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Radio 1 weekend – 2012

Its ultra early, i know, but i am already coming under fire with questions about Radio 1 weekend in Ibiza for 2012 so i thought i would put this out there.

Currently, there are no dates set for the Radio 1 weekend in 2012. Anybody’s best guess would be the same weekend as this year which was the 5th and 6th August, though this will not be confirmed until much closer to next summer.

In 2011, radio 1 weekend was due to be broadcast live from a special night from space but a few weeks before the event, they switched this so the live radio shows for Annie Mac and Pete Tong were broadcast from Ushuaia Beach Hotel. They were joined by a large amount of guests, some of them passed of as surprise.

In 2012, its hard to predict what is going to happen, They could be at Ushuaia again, but if im being 100% honest, it didn’t sound very good listening on the radio. I don’t think they will go back to Ibiza Rocks again, as it’s a little to soon. They could host something in Gala Nights, where the Zoo Project have their parties, as they have done events there in the past.

Something i did pick up on though at the end of this season was an interview in a UK newspaper with Pete Tong, he was talking about organising Ibiza’s first ever festival. I think this narrows it down to two options for me. The first option, which i think is likely, would be to have it the weekend before space opens at the end of May and have it tie in with the Ibiza International Music Summit which is May 23rd – 26th, though the dates don’t work right. Or, they may have radio 1 involved and have it as part of the Radio 1 weekend. Over the last decade (and longer) Radio 1 have been and done everything in Ibiza, they have been in lots of different locations, and they have been in most of the clubs. For people who have been around for that long following it all, it’s getting very dull, every year is pretty much the same, however, if they were part of a music festival in Ibiza, then this would be a first for radio 1 and certainly mix it up a little.

MTV have tried this before but it didn’t go down well with the local councils as far as i am aware which is why it didn’t stick around.

Regardless of all this however, Radio 1 will be in Ibiza in 2012 and im sure it will be a roadblock as usual 🙂


Radio 1 weekend Tickets

Its only two weeks away now and Radio 1 will be what everyone is talking about in Ibiza. They are throwing a free party at Ushuaia but you will need a ticket to get in. Tickets can be picked up at a selection of venues around Ibiza starting from Wednesday the 3rd August.

If you’re not down their on Wednesday at the times stated, i will be very surprised if you get a ticket. If you land in Ibiza on Thursday or Friday, then again, i would be surprised if there were any tickets left. The demand to be at Radio 1 events is remarkable and every man and his dog will be trying to get tickets!

If you do get tickets then a free bus will be put on for you.

IF your on the Island on Wednesday then get down to the following places for tickets:

San Antonio:
Café Mambo from 1100
Ibiza Rocks Bar from 1100

Playa D’en Bossa:
Sands Beach Restaurant – 1000
Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel – residents only from 1000

Ibiza Town:
Base Bar from 2000

Source: Radio 1

Radio 1 Weekend Update

For the full story check out my original blog post Radio 1 weekend 2011

Radio 1 have released information about the upcoming weekend at the start of August. Originally it was planned to take place in Space but now the plans have all changed and Space will no longer be part of the Radio 1 weekend event.

Radio 1 will now be broadcasting live from Ushuaia in Playa Den Bossa followed by a 6 hour essential mix live from Come Together @ Space.

Annie Mac will kick of events at 7pm from Ushuaia followed by Pete Tong, the Ushuaia party will go on until midnight but from 11pm there will be an Essential mix broadcast from Space.

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Radio 1 @ Space 2010

My general policy on this blog is that i only really blog about things i like, if i don’t like something then i simply don’t blog about it, im not really interested in slating things because for every person who agrees with me, there are people who wont.

This blog post however is my exception to the rule. I always look forward to Radio 1 weekend and listening to it, i think it can be rather commercial but its on the radio so it will always have that element, I listened to the two shows from Ibiza Rocks Hotel and the atmosphere sounded amazing, The short set the Swedish House Mafia played was immense.

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Amnesia is 20 and Radio 1 are in Town

The first weekend in August is always a good one in Ibiza, Radio 1 roll into town and put on some quality line-ups. This year is no exception. Although Radio 1 weekend officially starts tonight with Annie Mac a couple of nights have already been recorded including Cocoon with Sven Vath Andre Galluzzi as well as Come Togerther, the new night that was recorded last night with Grandmaster Flash, Mark Ronson and Zane Lowe. These will be broadcast tonight on radio 1 between 11pm and 5am, so if you have been in Ibiza all week, you are probably already part of the weekend.

Tonight the weekend starts with Annie Mac followed by pete tong, i have already blogged about the lineups but here is a reminder

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Radio 1 @ Ibiza Rocks Lineup

Annie Mac has just released the lineup for radio 1 in Ibiza @ Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Starts off with a different lineup than what i expected but it makes a change from the regular lineup and im sure people will have an amazing time.

It finishes off with Pete Tong with a more recongisable dance lineup being really upfront, It wasn’t long since Aeroplane did the Essential Mix bu then announced ther split, it will be good to see if both of them will be playing.

All in all, a great lineup this year, i personally prefer the second half of the lineup, however if you are there then its going to be a great day with Swedish House Mafia being the cream on the cake.

Chase and Status
MC Rage
Titchy Strider
Riva Starr
Mark Ronson

Dirty South feat. Rudy
Swedish House Mafia

Source: Radio1