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The History Of Ku

For me, Privilege and Amnesia are the two clubs i see as being the original foundations of the clubbing scene in Ibiza, right or wrong that’s how i picture it. A couple of weeks ago a i published some video’s of Amnesia closing party in 1989. Recently Ibiza Spotlight have written an article about the history of Ku which later got renamed as Privilege.

If it interests you like it does me then take a read, there are some great photo’s with the article as well 🙂

Read the story on Ibiza Spotlights History Of Ku

Privilege Cancel Love Parade Party

After the events that took place in Germany over the weekend, Privilege have decided to cancel their love parade party which was scheduled for 14th August.

At the weekend, 19 people died in Germany after a crush took place, out of respect for the victims and their families the party in Ibiza has been cancelled.

I personally don’t think they could have done anything but cancel it, letting the night go ahead would have been in very poor taste and i would have been surprised if many people had gone anyway.

Good call by Privilege, im sure they will replace it with another quality night, after all, surly the Dj’s that were originally booked are available!!

Faithless @ Privilege 2010

On the 4th September 2010 Faithless will perform live in Privilege! If you travel back in time (search Youtube – ku Ibiza 1987) you will be able to see Freddie Mercury performing Barcelona in the open air of Ku. Now don’t get me wrong, im not comparing Faithless with Freddie Mercury but that night Freddie Mercury performed in KU is still remembered to this day.

With the amount of festivals that Faithless have done over the last decade, it’s not unheard of for a lot of people to have heard faithless live already, but it is special if you see them in the right situation. I would be sceptical about going to a standard arena gig for faithless because they play in much better places,  and Privilege will be one of them. Continue reading Faithless @ Privilege 2010

Tiesto @ Privilege 2010

Its seems Tiesto will be back every Monday in 2010 starting from June 7th.

9 years ago Tiesto was the warm up boy for Mauro Picotto who was the headliner at GodsKitchen in Amnesia, One of the best nights I’ve had in Ibiza.

Fast forward a few years and Tiesto was part of the strongest trance lineup on the island, Tiesto and PVD made Cream a very special night to go to. To have the opportunity to see these two guys in the same night behind the same Dj booth came very few and far between.

Continue reading Tiesto @ Privilege 2010

Tiesto @ Privilege 2009

Its seems that Tiesto will be gracing Privilege again in 2009 starting in June and running through till September. Last year Tiesto rolled into town with his ‘In Concert’ production and destroyed the place by all accounts. This year it seems he has seen how many people he can pack in so he is pack for more and this time it seems that it is for the whole season!

I have read this news over at Ibiza Spotlight and they have reported that the closing party will be on September 21st. The opening party does not yet have a concrete opening date. I have been over and checked out the Privilege website and they have their next event on a Monday down as 08-06-2009 but the article under the headline talks about Tiesto in 2008 so im not to sure when it will be opening.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight Privilege