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WTF are you doing Amnesia?

Each year, new things happen that make me really excited for Ibiza, if it falls at a time when im not there, i genuinely feel gutted if i  miss out, then there are other things that make a part of me die inside.

Amnesia is my favourite club ive ever been to. It’s responsible for the best night ive ever had in my life, it’s now also responsible for the one thing that has angered me the most since P Diddy tried to claim Ibiza as his Hood.


Paris Hilton? For me, Ibiza is about cutting edge music, people who push boundaries and throw amazing parties that are amazing for the music. It’s about going to a night because the workers are raving about it despite never hearing of it. The people who hold the biggest residencies on the island have got them through decades of work to build a reputation, just like the clubs themselves have, to then have this emailed to me is embarrassing.

I hope for the life of me she isn’t Dj’ing herself  because she got ridiculed last time for playing a cd but pretending (very poorly) to dj herself.

By writing this blog post, im inadvertently doing what i don’t want to happen, and that’s publicize this night. I already have to battle against people thinking David Guetta is ‘That Ibiza music you like’ the last thing i want is my favourite club in the world to be ‘That club Paris Hilton played in Ibiza’

I now need to take a deep breath and repeat back to myself with what ive said to lots of people in the past ‘If you don’t like it, don’t go to it!’ 🙂

The track changes over while she is on the freaking mic!!!!