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Es Paradis Opening 2011

The 20th May will see the opening of Es Paradis for the summer season.

Es Paradis hasn’t been at the forefront of people’s clubbing plans since the days of Clockwork Orange which is a great shame, Inside it’s an amazing place to party and it has a lot to offer, i try to make a visit whenever i can especially if i am with friends that have never been to Ibiza before, Its definitely a club everyone should see.

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DC10 Opening Tickets

This year DC10 and Circo Loco open their doors on the 30th May, I think this is pretty much cemented as the permanent opening weekend now as it ties in with too much other stuff for it to be moved round freely.

Anyway, You can now purchase your tickets for the Circo Loco opening party, I went to it last year and all the ticket outlets stopped selling tickets the day before the event saying it had sold out, so make sure you get your ticket if you want to go. Last year, they were letting people in on the door though the club was completely rammed to breaking point so it wasn’t a guaranteed entry.

You can read my previous blog post about Circo Loco @ DC10 opening for line-up information when it comes through.

If you want to buy tickets for this event then check out Ibiza Spotlight for tickets

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Amnesia Opening 2009

Along with Space; Amnesia is another opening party which has legendary status! In the past they have been known to continue long into the next day with the club staying busy. I would be very surprised if this was the case in 2009, with the change in the laws i would expect the club to close around the time it is meant to however this wont stop Amnesia’s opening party being one of the best on the island.

The date for the opening party in 2009 is Saturday June 13th, I would expect many of the nights in amnesia to have their openings in the following week.

Opening Party Lineup
Brian cross
Mar T 

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Space Opening 2008

If you are wondering were the info has gone from this post, i have removed it. I want to take pride in providing you with accurate information as i know from messages i have had people are likely to book their holidays around what is said in this blog. A very reliable source has informed me that space has NOT confirmed anything at this point. I will however find out as soon as it is made available and i will let you know.