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No Meganite Ibiza in 2010

I have no more details on this apart from what has just come through on Mauri Picotto’s twitter page.

They have decided after 6 years not to continue with Meganite not only in Privilege but in Ibiza. They will be trying out something new with their label Alchemy.

Mauro Picotto has always done well in Ibiza without always being the buzz night on the island. When he played at Godskitchen @ Amnesia it was guaranteed a packed house. He moved on from their to start Meganite in Privilege, a brave move with a venue so big but they made it work and over the coming years the area got bigger and bigger.

There may be no more Meganite but you can always count on Mauro to put on a party and im sure his new labels night will be a night you cant afford to miss.

Source: Facebook