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No Manumission 2009 ??

Reading a thread over on Ibiza Spotlight it seems like there may be no Manumission in Ibiza in 2009! January see’s the start of the Manumission World Tour starting in London and word is that there will be no manumission in Ibiza in 2009.

There isn’t really much else to go from at the moment though manumission did post a blog post on their myspace talking about the world tour which included the line “Manumission leaves Ibiza for the first time in 15 years” Reading into this a little further it seems like it points towards no manumission in 2009. Manumission have had parties in the uk within the last 15 years so why this time say they are “leaving Ibiza”. Also the poster for the closing party last year also had on it “The Last Party, Thank You and Goodbye”

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