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The Biggest Ibiza Club Nights of 2010

This is a guest post by John who blogs on the Ibiza clubbing siteĀ loveibiza.net

With the 2010 Ibiza clubbing season drawing in fast the usual scramble for the clubs to finalise their lineups and get us hot under the collars with the prospect of ‘special guests’ is well underway. But with announcements and lineups flying from all directions at this time of year its easy to miss the really big stuff so here’s my attempt at singling out the parties which I think are shaping up to make the biggest splash in 2010.

Me on LoveIbiza.net

Just though id let you know that i have done an interview on loveibiza.net. Myself and John at LoveIbiza.net have decided to share our knowledge. As a result i have been interviewed by John and he has published this on his own blog. You should go over and check it out. LoveIbiza.net has the same aims as my Ibiza Blog but as an added extra John is creating a community for people who love and visit Ibiza. Its a great place that you can go and meet similar people who love Ibiza, If you are planning on Working in Ibiza this year then this is even more reason to go and check it out. I dont have any information about people who want to go and work there but john has an excellent facility for people to try and find work.

Myself and John are going to start guest blogging on each others websites. Check back soon and you will be able to read an interview from John. We will also be guest blogging on each others websites which i hope will introduce a more varied prospective for anyone planning on visiting Ibiza for the first time or even hear the views of other people for those of you that have been before.