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Interview with John : LoveIbiza.net

There are quite a lot of websites around all about Ibiza, some are run by people who live there and some like this one and are run by people who live in the UK. Just like Ibiza Blog; LoveIbiza.net is a website about Ibiza from more of a Tourist point of view.

LoveIbiza.net offers a community (which i have joined) and it also features interviews with Dj’s and their mixes which people can go and download. I always spend the time to go over to LoveIbiza.net and if you join the community it wont be long till people want to be your friend and get chatting.

I recently did an interview for John who Runs LoveIbiza.net and to return the favour and get to know him a little better john has agreed to be interviewed by me.

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