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29 more sleeps…

Its just over 4 weeks now until we fly out and with the Cream opening party kicking off tonight it seems apt that I post my second blog. All those jammy mofo’s are over there now, sun going down and all there night is going to entail now is 8 or 9 hours of deep tech trickery and massive trance monsters from PVD and co!! A night of lazers, hands in the air, walls of sound, ice blasts, hugging strangers, indoor sunnies and out and out Creamy goodness!! Jealous!!

So they all get to smash it to the sounds of John O’Callaghan and I write to you from my appartment in Manchester, I may not be there in person but I am certainly there in spirit (thank god my girlfriend loves techno too). Daily texts between the lads are flowing with excitement for when we go and we are counting down the days, holiday clothes are being bought and an untold amount of sit ups are being painstakingly ploughed through! The rituals have started, podcasts downloaded to keep up on the summer bangers, calenders checked and re-checked to make sure we hit the clubs we want and catch the tunes we need,  the websites and rumour room scoured and verified to make sure we are with the cool and sexy, young and trendies! We WILL get the most out of our time!!

I really urge everyone who reads this blog and is making a pilgrimage this summer to do everything that is in your power to take one new person with you this year, I will personally buy a return flight for anyone who isnt 100% hooked after one night!

Peace, Love and Techno…




A Small Change To The Site

As you can see i have made a few little changes to my website, As part of these changes i have decided to “Follow” the links in the comments. I have made this desicion to try and encourage more people to post their comments and thoughts on the things i speak about. If you dont know what im talking aboutnever mind it dosent matter, if you do know what im talking about then please come and comment and link to your sites.

Thats enough of the Geeky stuff, Ibiza only from now on!!

Site Change

As you can see with the summer season now at a close Ive not blogged anything for a while, Ive been working on adapting my theme for the site, My plans are to make the site a bit bigger and make it easier to find the information you might be on here looking for. If you see any bugs or problems with the new design then please give me a shout.

In the coming weeks i am hoping to add information about many of the bars onto this site which i think was a big thing missing from the last 12 months. I will also be adding pages talking about the main clubs on the island so it becomes a better place to browse if you want to know about the clubs in Ibiza. I do this site on my own so you may have to bear with me while i get it all written and published 🙂

I hope you all had a wicked time in Ibiza this year, Info on NYE should be coming soon.