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Ibiza Rocks Completes Lineup

Ibiza Rocks has released the remaining for dates for Ibiza Rocks 2009, Well not all of them as their are still two dates 7th and 14th July that have not been announced but their are some great names been added to the Bill.

The opening Party will see the Ting Tings performing live, Im personally a little disappointed with this because im going to the opening party and out of all the acts this year this is probably one i wouldn’t have picked to go and see.

Groove Armada have been added to the bill to play in July, Im sure this will be an amazing night to go to, the blurb from Ibiza rocks with the announcement says

“The party-starting maestros play their first show on the white island. We have a feeling it won’t be the last.”

Sounds like they already know of another show Groove Armada will be doing this year. One off Manumission Party? Radio one weekend? who knows!

Soulwax and Friendly Fires have also been booked to perform. If you want to see the lineup in full then check out my post Ibiza Rocks 2009 Lineup

Source: Facebook

Ibiza Rocks 2009 – Lineup

Im a little slow with this one but so are Ibiza Rocks at filling in the blanks! (no offence meant!) ibiza Rocks have released some of the headliners this summer and im sure there is something for anyone. Ibiza Rocks started a few years ago now and it was an instant hit. It started off in Bar M but the fun police put a stop to that, It has also been traveling around the island in secret locations bussing people to and from the venue. 

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Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2009

It wasn’t even 12 month ago when we all first heard the news about The people behind Ibiza Rocks and Manumission opening a new hotel in San Antonio, Ill be the first to admit i had my doubts when i first found out about it (initial thoughts were that it was a twenties hotel) However how wrong was I! Ibiza Rocks hotel had an amazing first year by all accounts with Radio 1 taking over for the weekend, i was only lucky enough to keep track online but nobody could deny it all fit together like and and glove.

I’m sure this year was only the warm up, Next year i expect to be even better. Nice whats the point of this i hear you say! Well because last year was such a success I’m sure plenty of people would love to go again next year, The people who run the Facebook profile for Ibiza Rocks Hotel are now saying that the rooms for 2009 are selling out quick!

Ive heard myself many people booking repeat visits to the hotel as soon as they got back so if you want to check it out i would make a move sooner rather than later.

According to the website if you book your holiday before December 31st then you can get rooms for as little as £10 per person per night which means providing there are no hidden costs its £140 for the fortnight before flights and transfer. New to 2009 is the ability to book rooms with a  Pool view so you get to see the bands from your balcony!