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The Sound Of Ibiza – Online

Now the new year has started a lot of people will be thinking about their trip to Ibiza in the summer. If you have been before then you now what its all about, if you haven’t then you might not know what to expect. I have quite often met people in Ibiza who have been surprised at what the clubs and the music are like. I remember speaking to a guy one year telling me he didn’t realise it was going to be hot, he cant find a good cup of tea and he was going to ask Dave Pearce to play Baby Cakes by 3 of a kind and that would make his holiday. I told him good luck!

If you have never been to Ibiza before, then there are loads of ways you can check it all out before you go. There is always YouTube, cameras are not aloud in most of the clubs in Ibiza but there is always a nice stream of video’s to keep you entertained and by searching for a specific club night you will usually find a clip to keep you entertained. Continue reading The Sound Of Ibiza – Online