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2009 Gossip

The seasons not over yet but there is a bit of gossip going on about next year already… Dont you just love it!

Firstly, the Sweedish House Mafia are wanting to hold a night at Pacha next year, If they are anything like they were at Creamfields this year then this night will be straight out of the top drawer.

The last roumour, which is probably the biggest suprise is that Subliminal are looking to move away from Pacha! Change of scenery, fallout who knows. i will keep my eye out for this as Amnesia is roumoured to be its new home.

As with any roumours this early its hard to say. Things in Ibiza can happen in a second, Personally it i would see it being odd having Subliminal at Amnesia, not that i wouldnt like to see it. I could see it being on the Terrace and with the new terrace they put in this year maybee thats the new main room? I wouldnt be suprised if the terrace was now used as the main room and the “inside” as the second room.

As ive said, who knows, ill be keeping my ar to the ground in anticipation!

Source: Ibiza Spotlight