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GodsKitchen @ Privilege Video

I blogged a while ago about Godskitchen being in Ibiza this year, well that time has been and gone and Privilege have post a video of the night. Ive never actually seen the boombox myself however i know GodsKitchen are out of this world when it comes to visually pleasing people. Check it out.

[iframe width=”480″ height=”303″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/-80VCbTCsO8?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Source: Youtube

GodsKitchen Boombox @ Privilege 2011

Yesterday i was excited to be writing about Gatecrasher making an appearance back in Ibiza. Today, im excited to be telling you that GodsKitchen seem to be making an appearance back in Ibiza after a loooooong and very much missed absence!

Yesterday Sander Van Doorn tweeted an picture of his billboard in Ibiza, nothing special here, however an eagle eyed spotlighter noticed if you look closely it has two dates for Privilege on the 20th and 27th July and in the bottom corner it also has GodsKitchen Boombox as one of the nights he is playing at!

GodsKitchen Boombox is a visual show that looks stunning, ive never seen it for real but Space had something similar last year for the opening party, I expect these two nights to be amazing shows and if i was in town, i would definitely be going to this.

Ive checked out the privilege website and the night is still unannounced. I have noticed this year that a lot of the Dj’s are playing multiple nights and not just sticking to one club night which is think is great, this means GodsKitchen are not as limited with the Dj’s they could be putting on.

As ive banged on about many times before GodsKitchen in Amnesia is one of the best nights ive ever had in Ibiza, if these could be a snip of what they used to be like they will still be worth it.

Source: Spotlight (cant find the relevant post at the minute)
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GodsKitchen @ Privilege 2011

Rumours have been circling for a few months about Godskitchen making a return to Ibiza in 2011 at Privilege.

Its been around 8 years since GodsKitchen threw a party in Ibiza and they went out with a bit of a whimper in my opinion, In the early 00’s  GodsKitchen was one of the strongest nights on the island. They threw their parties in Amnesia on Tuesdays and had residents such as Tiesto (before he was so well known), Picotto and Fergie in his hard trance days.

2001 is the year that sticks out for me as being the summer of GodsKitchen, They did everything right, they had the best laser system, the biggest names playing for them, they had everyone wanting to go, they even had the best designed artwork! Then i have no idea what happened, the year after they moved to Eden and booked people like Dave Pearce.

Now there are lots of conspiracy based stories that i heard about and they all involved clubbing politics (promoters making sure their top dog with help from club owners – naming no names :)). The move to Eden signalled the end to a night that in the short time it was at Amnesia became Legendary to those who remember it.

Moving back into the now, there have been various tails that they are set to return in 2011 at Privilege, there is no way on earth Cream would allow GK to try to encroach on their turf again! The first story is Wednesdays which has since been dismissed and they are expected to do some one off nights through the summer, the source of this information supposedly coming from a Dj that has been told of the plans.

If GodsKitchen are in Ibiza in 2011 i wouldn’t know what to expect, im unsure who would headline and weather Privilege is the best venue for their events. Although i would love to see GK back in Ibiza i don’t think i could bring myself to go because last time i went in Ibiza was one of the best nights of my life and i know they wont be able to top that night for me.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight



Tiesto @ Privilege 2010

Its seems Tiesto will be back every Monday in 2010 starting from June 7th.

9 years ago Tiesto was the warm up boy for Mauro Picotto who was the headliner at GodsKitchen in Amnesia, One of the best nights I’ve had in Ibiza.

Fast forward a few years and Tiesto was part of the strongest trance lineup on the island, Tiesto and PVD made Cream a very special night to go to. To have the opportunity to see these two guys in the same night behind the same Dj booth came very few and far between.

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