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Ferry Corsten & Markus Schulz @ Cafe Del Mar

At the start of the season, Ferry Corsten did a sunset set in Cafe Del Mar with Markus Schulz and they ahve now placed in on Sound Cloud for everyone to hear.

Over the years, Cafe del Mar hasnt been the venue of big name Dj’s, its been tranquil and relaxed, we used to joke about it because the place seemed to be shut every time we went past!

Now they have the new bar that’s next to Cafe Del Mar and the pre parties are getting better.

Full On Ferry @ Sankeys

Sankeys opens its doors for the first time in Ibiza tonight with Monza. At the moment, there isn’t much information about what nights will be in Sankeys, i said when i first heard about Sankeys opening that it would all depend on pulling in the Dj’s. Lots of the Dj’s that play at Sankeys in Manchester already have dates in Ibiza but today was some amazing news.

Ferry Corsten has written a blog post on Facebook revealing his new weekly night in Sankeys Ibiza! Ferry does have some nights in Cream this summer, however he will be hosting Tuesday nights with his Full On Ferry night.

On a personal note, i love Ferry Corsten, and im gutted his night doesn’t start till July. I really think this night will be amazing, ive never been to the club Sankeys have taken over, however i know how Sankeys like to work in smaller clubs and with Ferry on the decks its sure to be a hit.

My tune has changed a lot thinking about this new club in Ibiza and im sure if they get the numbers through the door Sankeys could be a little belter this summer!

Full On Ferry will run from the 12th July till the 13th September.

[iframe width=”520″ height=”326″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/psJc7m868mk?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]