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DC10 – Circo Loco – Ibiza 2009

There are some things that never go away, Things like Oxygen, The Sun and the Moon, People who love to predict the end and the downfall of Ibiza!! Also on that list is the rumour and Gossip surrounding DC10 / Circo Loco in Ibiza!! 

For those of you that don’t know; towards the end of last year DC10 got shut down by the authorities in Ibiza and were ordered to close for 12 months, If you want to catch up you can read my posts DC10 Shut Down For 57 DaysAnother blow For DC10 and DC10 Closed YET AGAIN.

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DC10 In Mallorca

Yesterday Mixmag published a post about DC10 moving to BCM in Magaluf!! It has spread to a couple of other websites (not the main ones) and ive had a couple of people email me about this. If you havent seen the article then it is below.

After years of raids and disputes with the Ibizan authorities, and last year’s enforced six week closure, the owners and promoters of DC10 and CircoLoco have announced that they will be relocating the club to another Balearic Island entirely.

The first CircoLoco of 2009 will take place in Mallorcan superclub BCM, while the promoters search for another venue on the island with what they call ‘the DC10 vibe.’

“We hope to return to Ibiza one day”, said Circo Loco’s Olaf Pirlo, “but for now [the authorities] make it impossible. Magaluf is now the true home of the underground”.

Id just like to remind people that yesterday was April Fools Day! The story is no longer on the mixmag site as it was completely fabricated! DC10 is not moving to Mallorca!

DC10 Closed YET AGAIN!

Ive been a bit slow on the uptake of this one but, On Monday morning DC10 was closed again by the police. They have been given a €300,000 fine and ordered to close for 1 year.  Mixmag reported that they will still have their closing party, however im not to sure if this would happen at DC10 as the club is now closed after it was open for its appeal, i don’t think their are any more cards left for DC10 to play which means it could be open one last time this summer.

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DC10 Re-Opening Review

it’s been a wild last week for both the media and dc-10 as a club itself. after having complied with their two-months closure, the next penalty for dc-10 and closure of the club was announced just a few days ago…

so this afternoon, at around 4:30pm, i was really asking myself if the bass is thundering out of the speakers in that house on the fields around the airport…many people on the island weren’t sure if dc-10 would be able to open or not. i was still busy, but when i finally made my way there some time after 6pm, i noticed that YES, there is something going on at dc-10!!! the club was open! and busy! went directly inside, on to the terrace…and aaaah…sunlight through the windows…rené dropping mad music…smiling faces all around…only at that point i realised how much i had missed this place during the last weeks! as you all know, it wasn’t the first time dc-10 was closed, so in a way it wasn’t new for me. but being back there was just GREAT! the terrace was already really busy while the inside bit was still quiet.

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Circo Loco Will Open This Week

A mixmag blog post has an interview with the owner of Circo Loco who insists the party will go on! In the interview he says, go to the Circo Loco Myspace and you will read the truth, in the same blog post they also question Ibiza spotlight who mentioned about all these troubles as you have read on here. He says the party will go on, Now ive been a member of the spotlight forums for many many years and i dont remember a time they have published incorrect information.

After reading that i thought i would read their myspace to see what they had to say about it and guess what??? Ibiza Spotlight were correct so i dont understand how there integrity could be questioned, However their myspace has pretty much resigned to the fact that DC10 and Circo Loco @DC10 is coming to an end and the parties that will happen to the end of this season my very well be the last. They urge people to go and show their support in there final days by flying out to ibiza to party with them one last time.

Source: Mixmag

Another blow For DC10

1 week before the grand re opening of DC10 and the authorities have delt what could be seen as the final deadly blow for DC10. They have now been ordered to close for 12 months and pay a €300,000 fine. These new fines and closure order have been imposed because the club has repeatedly knowingly broken the law by having the parties in a venue with a legal capacity of only 68 people. DC10 have 1 month to challenge the decision and if they do then it is expected they will still open this weekend till the end of the season, however the signs are that these last few parties will be the last parties DC10 may ever have so if you get the chance, Cherish them!

All of this is a blow but shouldn’t really come as a surprise for readers of my blog. I reported back in January this year in a post called DC10 to close about the issues DC10 was going to face this coming year and it seems that one by one they have become true. The sad news is that the reasons they are being closed down are the same reasons it will not open back up as the DC10 everyone is familiar with. After 12 months are they going to have parties knowing they will exceed capacity? I doubt they will some how.

I have read a lot about people blaming the authorities and saying they are targeting the club yet at the end of the day DC10 have always known the situation and i believe they have always known what will one day happen. They have made the most of it and now i feel it has been brought to an end.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight