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Circo Loco @ DC10 NYD

There isn’t much more to say about Circo Loco that hasn’t already been said by me 1000 times!

If you feel like a bit of Crazy Circus action this Christmas, then you actually have a few options. Firstly, you can take a trip to Sankeys in Manchester on Boxing day.

Sunday 26th December
10:00pm till 6:00am

Kevin Saunderson
Art Department
Boris Werner
DJ Wild
System of Survival

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Space Opening 2011

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Space will open on Sunday the 29th of May 2011, Originally, i reported that the opening party would be spread over two days again as it was in 2010, however this information seems to have changed and it now only seems to be the Sunday which will be the opening party. It’s a shame, because i thought the two-day parties would become something in themselves, however after being on the island for the opening weekend in 2010, many people said the first day was quiet, maybe this is the result.

The line-ups will come out in dribs and drabs, i will update this post when i read about it, however the main update will be when the full lineup is announced.

If you get the opportunity, this opening weekend is a great weekend to be on the Island, everybody has a buzz about them because it’s the start of a fresh year and they have been waiting all winter for it! This post is about space but the opening weekend is about so much more, it will be a time of year you never have a bad word to say!



Carl Cox
Jeff Mills
John Digweed
Andy Fletcher “Dj Set” Depeche Mode
Steve Lawler
Fedde Le Grand
Wally Lopez
Mark Knight
Cristian Varela
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
2000 And One
Elio Riso
Jon Rundell
Paul Darey
Jonathan Ulysses
Danny Serrano
Pablo Kopanos
Rafa Ariza
Danny Leblack
Steffen Baumann
Ramon Castells
Oscar Cano
Jose Maria Ramon
Mr. Doris
Fonsi Nieto
Tania La Croix
Rad Damon & Iban Reus
Juan Gomez
Tino Morgado
Fabrik Club Dj
Metro Club Dj
Fever Club Dj

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Circo Loco Re-Opening 2010

An update on the CirclLoco at DC10 facebook page has reported that Ciroloco will be re opening  in DC10 on May 31st 2010. The update reads

Happy 2010 guys…..circoloco never dies!

31 may 2010 @ dc10 Ibiza

As you may all know DC10 has been closed after it was shut down by the authorities, last year in 2009 the club didn’t open for the summer season. It was a closure that upset a lot of people and as people say it all of the time, the shutting down of DC10 brought people to call the end of Ibiza.

Over the last few years the authorities have really been clamping down, as its not my Island, I’m not really in a position to question their decisions. its because of these restrictions that I’m a little dubious that DC10 will open again like it did in the past. As far as I’m aware nothing has changed to let them operate as they did and still operate within their licence.

I personally hope that they do get to re open and stay open, especially if they open on that date as i plan on being there at that time which means i get to go 🙂

If it does then i expect it will be one hell of a party to go to and one to remember for anyone that goes.

Source: Facebook

DC10 Loses Appeal

As i mentioned earlier this week there have been lots of rumour about DC10 opening this Monday June 1st. I have always been sceptical about the club reopening because no matter how much people wanted it to the club knowingly broke the rules. Now DC10 have been told in court that the club will remain closed fo the duration of the ban. The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Balears re affirmed that the reason the club was closed was because they were operating a nightclub with a café-concierto licence which only aloud a capacity of 65 people.

I do feel very sorry for the owners of DC10 as the club has been operating for 10 years now. The club became a victim of its own success (the amount of people going there every Monday) and the enforcement of licenses up to a few years ago. Up until a few years ago a lot of premises had been aloud to operate outside of their licence without any bother. There was then a change in the people who run Ibiza which resulted in the clamp down on premises breaking the terms of its licence. Over the last few years there have been countless stories of bars being closed down for breaking its licence. Bora Bora was the first big name victim which resulted in DJ Gee upping sticks and leaving for Brazil. Kanya in San antonio got closed for a short while and Ibiza Rocks went through a tough time trying to put live bands on in Bar M

The DC10 saga simply boils down to the fact that if they are let of and aloud to open again then the authorities will have just gone against everything they have been doing for the last 2/3 years and they cant do that. Many people see the situation as DC10 being picked on but if you take a step back DC10 are the place that are continuously and knowingly breaking the law when everybody else has fallen into line, this is probably because they had the most to loose.

Source: Ibiza-Voice