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Radio 1 weekend 2013 – Live Radio Shows

I’ve been real slack with keeping my blog up to date so far this year, but with my trip over now booked, my enthusiasm has returned!

I usually have all the Radio 1 info up and ready months in advance but its not something ive even looked at this year so far (maybe that’s a sign).

This year, there seems to be slightly more in terms of broadcasts from the Island, however, im not sure if their all broadcasts people can go and be part of.

The breakfast show will be live form Ibiza tomorrow morning, and Danny Howard will be doing his show from Ibiza on Saturday. This is as well as the regular Friday night and essential mix events.

Friday 2nd August 
0630 – 1000

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw live from Ibiza

1900 – 2300
Radio 1 LIVE from Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel with, Pete Tong, B-Traits, Danny Howard, Benga and special guests:

Fred V & Grafix
Chris Malinchak
Pete Tong
George Fitzgerald

Saturday 3rd August
0100 – 0500

BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix with highlights from Steve Lawler and Darius Syrossian from Viva Warriors Sankeys, Ibiza recorded on Sunday 28th July.

1600 – 1900
BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems with Danny Howard LIVE from Ibiza

Sunday 4th August
0100 – 0500

BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix live from Cream @ Privilege, Ibiza – a specially extended, four hour Essential Mix with sets from Pete Tong, Eric Prydz and Hardwell.

Eric Prydz
Chase & Status (DJ Set)
Pete Tong
Zane Lowe
Gorgon City
Danny Howard
The Frederik
KOAN Sound

Source: BBC Radio 1

Cream Ibiza Spotify Playlists

Dance music can be really hard to find on Spotify, there is some stuff on there but there but i don’t think it’s represented to well. The best thing to do if you want to find it, is find a playlist, this way, someone else has done the legwork to find the music so you don’t have to!

Cream have now got a spotify playlist for everyone to join in with! All you need is Spotify installed on your PC and a spotify account and your away!

Cream Ibiza Spotify Link

Source: Facebook

Eddie Halliwell Ibiza 2011

The Ibiza summer season is coming along very nicely so far this year. Tonight is the second party for Cream @ Amnesia and it is the first date of the summer for Eddie Halliwell.

Eddie is no stranger to Ibiza any more, Supported well by Judge Jules in the beginning Eddie has been playing Ibiza for many years and over that time, his playing style has evolved and matured.  When he first started out he played hard and looped a hell of a lot! He became a Dj i loved then didn’t really bother with too much, however, i paid a visit to see him last year at Creamfields and found myself really loving what he was playing.

Eddie is now playing a mix of tech house, trance and techno at the moment and from speaking to people i know the general theme is that Eddie has everyone loving him again.

This summer you will be hearing Eddie play at Cream on Thursdays as well as Judgement Sundays. On the 18th August, Eddie will be hosting his ED-IT performance from the terrace in Amnesia.

If you want to hear a bit of Eddie, check out the free mix on his website recorded for his 100th radio show live from Sankeys in Manchester FREE MIX

Eddies Dates:

Cream @ Amnesia
23rd June
7th July
14th July
28th July
11th August,
18th August (ED-IT Terrace Exclusive)
8th September

Judgement Sundays @ Eden
17th July
7th August (Radio 1 Party)
18th September

[iframe width=”520″ height=”326″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Lj2v8o5ckQQ?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Source: Email, Youtube


29 more sleeps…

Its just over 4 weeks now until we fly out and with the Cream opening party kicking off tonight it seems apt that I post my second blog. All those jammy mofo’s are over there now, sun going down and all there night is going to entail now is 8 or 9 hours of deep tech trickery and massive trance monsters from PVD and co!! A night of lazers, hands in the air, walls of sound, ice blasts, hugging strangers, indoor sunnies and out and out Creamy goodness!! Jealous!!

So they all get to smash it to the sounds of John O’Callaghan and I write to you from my appartment in Manchester, I may not be there in person but I am certainly there in spirit (thank god my girlfriend loves techno too). Daily texts between the lads are flowing with excitement for when we go and we are counting down the days, holiday clothes are being bought and an untold amount of sit ups are being painstakingly ploughed through! The rituals have started, podcasts downloaded to keep up on the summer bangers, calenders checked and re-checked to make sure we hit the clubs we want and catch the tunes we need,  the websites and rumour room scoured and verified to make sure we are with the cool and sexy, young and trendies! We WILL get the most out of our time!!

I really urge everyone who reads this blog and is making a pilgrimage this summer to do everything that is in your power to take one new person with you this year, I will personally buy a return flight for anyone who isnt 100% hooked after one night!

Peace, Love and Techno…




The Missing Dj’s of 2011

Ok, I know, it’s early to jump the gun, however the release of the Cream line-up left a couple of questions being asked. 1st, where is Deadmau5? Second, where is Eric Prydz?

Over the last couple of years Eric Prydz has played a big role in the Cream line-ups, playing  mainly in the main room, it was a little surprising he is playing no role in this years line-up, especially considering he has his own arena this year at Creamfields.

The second missing Dj is Deadmau5, again, he held a residency last year on the terrace of Amnesia which was extremely successful, hosting the terrace on a Cream night is an extremely big deal, especially when you can pull in as many people as Deadmau5.

So why would this be? Well, they could just be having the summer off…. NOT! Ibiza is the proving ground for so many Dj’s, the only Dj’s that don’t play in Ibiza are those  who aren’t good enough and those who have earned their stripes and done their time in Ibiza.

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Cream @ Amnesia 2011 – Lineup

Cream really are ‘Cream of the crop’ when it comes to putting on parties in Ibiza. Love the night or hate it, Cream have been putting parties on in Ibiza for so long now (17 years) it is never questioned if the nights will be busy because they are.

Over the years Cream has seen of other great British clubs such as GodsKitchen who also once graced Amnesia as well as Gatecrasher who never really took off. 12 years ago, people like Seb Fontain were the crowd pullers filling out Amnesia, now its paul van dyk running the show at Cream.

In 2011 Cream will have 3 residents, keeping with the trance edge cream has, PVD and Above and Beyond who will be joined with Eddie Helliwell for the summer, None of them are playing every week but they are residents.

The notable night this year has to be Creams birthday on the 4th August (recorded for radio 1 weekend night maybe?) which will see the Terrace become the main room which is something i would love to see but have never seen for myself.

Thursday 4th August

Main Room
Calvin Harris (DJ Set)
Laidback Luke
Sidney Samson

Mixmag Terrace
Paul van Dyk (Special Mixmag Terrace Set)
Ferry Corsten
Gareth Wyn

I believe the 4th July will also be a great night on the terrace with the size matters party

Thursday 14th July

Main Room
Eddie Halliwell
Above & Beyond
John O’Callaghan

Mixmag Terrace presents Size Matters Vs Phazing
Dirty South
AN21 & Max Vangeli (B2B)
Kim Fai

Some of the notable people missing this year are definitely Eric Prydz, i would be very surprised if he wasn’t in Ibiza this year meaning he is either playing for someone else or he has his own night which has been rumoured.

The second person missing is Annie Mac, only a couple of years back she was a resident, this year missing completely, her popularity has risen in this time leading me to think she may also set up her own night at Eden maybe?

If you would like to see the full lineup, please check out my cream @ amnesia 2011 blog post

Source: Cream

Cream 2011 Tickets

Not long ago, i blogged about Cream @ Amnesia in 2011. There are still no line-ups to announce yet, however tickets have gone on sale for all the cream nights this summer.

Standard entry tickets are priced at £34 (£38 inc booking fee) for the start and end of the season and they rise to £38 (£42 in booking fee) in the higher season which seems to be from 7th July to 25th August.

VIP tickets are available for £50 (£55) and £55 (£60).

How much the tickets will be on the island is anybody’s guess at the moment, If i remember rightly, cream used to offer a discount for tickets bought in the UK, however at these prices i don’t believe this is still the case. I would presume the tickets will be €40 on the island which means with today’s exchange rate it would be cheaper. Don’t hold me to this though as its only my view, i didn’t visit cream last year so i don’t know what the ticket prices were.


Source: Cream