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The Missing Dj’s of 2011

Ok, I know, it’s early to jump the gun, however the release of the Cream line-up left a couple of questions being asked. 1st, where is Deadmau5? Second, where is Eric Prydz?

Over the last couple of years Eric Prydz has played a big role in the Cream line-ups, playing  mainly in the main room, it was a little surprising he is playing no role in this years line-up, especially considering he has his own arena this year at Creamfields.

The second missing Dj is Deadmau5, again, he held a residency last year on the terrace of Amnesia which was extremely successful, hosting the terrace on a Cream night is an extremely big deal, especially when you can pull in as many people as Deadmau5.

So why would this be? Well, they could just be having the summer off…. NOT! Ibiza is the proving ground for so many Dj’s, the only Dj’s that don’t play in Ibiza are those  who aren’t good enough and those who have earned their stripes and done their time in Ibiza.

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Come Together @ Space 2011

As ive recently blogged about, Come Together was the department store of the clubbing world last year held at Space. It went down a storm and the lineups were an alternative cracker! Everyone from Annie Mac to Mauro Picotto had their own room smashing it.

In 2011, Come Together is back and a sign of its success in 2010 it’s on for longer. In 2011 Come Together will move to Fridays and will start on July 1st and will run for 13 weeks having its closing party on September 16th.

The lineup this summer is slightly different from last year which is a good thing, but it’s still a really good lineup for the summer.  Using 3 of the rooms in Space the main headliner for the summer is Faithless Sound System with 3 dates over the summer with other acts such as Magnetic Man, Pendulum, Kelis, Bedrock and the list goes on and on and on!!!!

The very special night this year will be the 5th August when Come Together will host the famous Radio 1 party in Space which will be broadcast for 12 hours live on Radio 1.

I was gutted last year i wasn’t in Ibiza to go to come together and this year is no different, i will have had my trip before this night opens which is a shame because with this night and all the other nights at Space, Space is becoming a club you need to go to nearly every night!


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Come Together @ Space Ibiza 02-09-2010

from part way through the summer, i discovered a website called Mixcloud, whats even better is the fact that it is used a lot by Dj’s, promotors and radio stations to upload and make available sets to listen to at your pleasure!

Come together was a new night in 2010 set up by Space and it was like a department store of nightclubs. In the main arena on the 2nd August was Mauro Picotto with his Meganite brand. It wasn’t a night i saw myself but i know from past Meganites it would have been a great night.

Come Together have just uploaded a mix from the 2nd August, you can listen to it below, or go over to the mixcould website and take a look at the other sets on offer.

Come Together @ Space Closing 2010

It’s a sad time of year when i start blogging about closing parties, it seems i spend the whole year waiting for summer, then its over in a few blog posts 🙁

However, closing parties are immense 🙂 I will generally only go over to Ibiza now if it’s for opening or closing parties and that’s mainly because i think it’s the best part of the season to go. When it comes to closing parties the tunes of the summer are well and truly established, the Dj’s know what is going to get everyone going nuts and its often their last set of the Ibiza season so they make it that little bit more special.

Come Together has been the new boy this season but  it seems to have gone down really well, they have a host of clubs all under one roof, it can probably be described as a clubbing department store!!

The closing party takes in Vitalic, Marc Ronson and Riva Starr, The covered terrace has Tinie Tempah ( still dont understand this one), the sunset terrace which is probably my favourite part of space has Monza. The other 3 rooms are all open with Pukka up hosting El Salon.

It has been a short season for Come Together but i really hope they make an appearance next season.

Radio 1 @ Space 2010

My general policy on this blog is that i only really blog about things i like, if i don’t like something then i simply don’t blog about it, im not really interested in slating things because for every person who agrees with me, there are people who wont.

This blog post however is my exception to the rule. I always look forward to Radio 1 weekend and listening to it, i think it can be rather commercial but its on the radio so it will always have that element, I listened to the two shows from Ibiza Rocks Hotel and the atmosphere sounded amazing, The short set the Swedish House Mafia played was immense.

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Come Together @ Space 2010

Its being advertised as a night for like minded people from all over the globe to ‘Come Together’ in one place. There have been no line-ups confirmed or announced yet and the space website lists the dates and not the line-ups. I have seen the flyer for this event with a large list of Dj’s playing this summer and my initial reaction was ‘wow’. the mix of D’j’s is not something you would expect to see together but a mix of Dj’s you would like to see in one night out.

A new night for the 2010 season is Thursdays at Space with ‘Come Together’. Not a night ive heard about anywhere else, the RA website notes the promoters as Space and Safehouse Management, it could be ‘Safe’ to say it’s a new night created for Space.

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