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Top 10 Parties @ Amnesia 2010

Amnesia has been running a vote on its facebook page for the best parties of 2010 and the results have been announced.

Amnesia is always a dead cert for a good night out when your in Ibiza, and the results below have been noted as the top 10 parties last year.

Amnesia has always been my favourite club on the island and the parties listed below are a sneaky peak at what you can expect! I have also posted a video of each party that i have found on Youtube.

In reverse order:

10 Rebeka Brown @ Matinee

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Cocoon @ Amnesia 2010

Back on the Island for the 11th season Cocoon is still one of the nights on the island that is viewed as one of the best. The following Cocoon has is massive, The nights in Ibiza are extremely popular and ive never heard one bad word against it.

One of the best things about Cocoon is the crowd. A night in Cocoon is a night with a crowd that is there because they love Cocoon and the and more so Sven Vath. Because of this, you wont find Cocoon full of  ‘chavs’ or people that are there because everybody else goes, and for a lot of clubs in Ibiza thats something they can’t boast. Continue reading Cocoon @ Amnesia 2010

Cocoon Ibiza 2009

Its the first confirmed date of next year and they promise to make next year better than this year, Cocoon will be back on Mondays at Amnesia in 2009 and their parties will be running from June 15th through till their closing party on September 28th.

Cocoon will be in its 10th year in Ibiza in 2009 and in that time they have built a night that is one of the most spoken about and it has a following of dedicated lovers of Sven Vath and everything that surrounds Cocoon. 2007 saw them throwing after parties which became as infamous as the nights themselves, 2008 saw the introduction of the after hours ban and a crackdown on Villa parties. Cocoon still gave it a crack though personally i didn’t hear as much about them.

I’m sure 2009 will bring another amazing season and with it being their 10 year anniversary i would also expect to see something special at some point. These dates have been confirmed by Cocoon on their website though with it still being 2008 you never know what might happen between now and the opening party.

Source: cocoon.net

Cocoon Review By Nostrum

Nostrum made a really good review of the first sold out night on the island for 2008 which was Cocoon. Carl Cox made an appearance but didnt play and the club closed its doors because it was full!

it’s already a few days ago, but still, here’s a short review from last monday’s cocoon at amnesia…

we arrived at around 130am and the guestlist queue was impressive. ticket holders got in quite fast though. the line-up was sven väth and extrawelt (live) in the main room and loco dice plus marco carola on the terrace. as i had been almost only to the terrace when i went to cocoon this year, i thought we’d go to the main room this time for a change. sven was already playing, the main room was already very busy. at 2am, extrawelt did their one hour live act. they had their pc’s, synth’s and much more equipment in the middle of the main room on that podium which i thought was brilliant. do you remember their 2006 biggies “titelheld” and “soopertrack”? they played them both and more cool stuff, of course. at 3am, sven was back in the dj booth and had a famous visitor in the box aswell: carl cox. but it was only sven who played. generally, i am not the biggest fan of sven väth, but that night he really rocked the main room. by 3am, the main room was really full, but surprisingly it never got as bad as the terrace. when we shortly went over, we noticed how super-duper-packed the terrace was! i think the terrace at cocoon is the new main room in a way, it’s the busiest room and also both vip’s were VERY busy! friends who stayed on the terrace were raving about how good loco dice and marco carola were!

one advise for people going to cocoon this year: come EARLY. last monday they closed the guestlist at some point (some people waited for more than an hour anyway to get in through guestlist) and a bit later they also generally stopped people entering – it was the first sold-out event this summer! and now with august beginning, i think it will keep being like this for the next weeks. so don’t arrive only at 3am, come around 1am, find your spot on the dancefloor and enjoy…

re afterhours: there are still afterhours happening. no official cocoon-ones, but various smaller ones…sometimes with cocoon-people appearing or even playing, many though just in a private house/villa or in a small bar in town…

Source: Nostrum Ibiza Spotlight

Cocoon Opens at 6pm… Oh no it dosent!

Ive been following an interesting story since yesterday, Cocoon announced that they were going to start opening at 6pm for there nights with Sven Vath doing a 5 hour set at the club. For people that are not aware the last couple of years Cocoon used to throw invite only villa parties as after hours, Since the law changed it has made it almost impossible to throw villa parties like this without expensive consequence. I’m guessing this was the reason they had the idea of early opening, anyway the new laws stated no club can open after 4.30 so Cocoon can open at 6pm right?? Wrong!!

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