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Clubland @ Eden 2011

In a move that may not bother many, Clubland has upped sticks and moved to Eden. Clubland has been a firm resident of Es Paradis for many years now though im sure i have a recollection of Clubland taking over from Ministry of sound in Eden, i may have just fabricated this though!

I’ve never been myself, but watching video’s the club always seems to be busy on a Clubland night which is good to see and although some people may ever give it the time of day, they did seem to get a lot of acts in last year.

Moving on to 2011 and they will be taking over Eden on a Tuesday night.

Check out the video below for a review of the 2010 season

7th June Opening Party
Professor Green
Friday Night Posse
Mc Domino

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Clubland @ Es Paradis 2009

Clubland will be taking over Es Paradis every Tuesday of 2009 between June 9th which is the opening party and 9th September which is the closing party. Clubland is generally seen as a cheesy night to most people me included, However the Clubland Album series is one of the biggest selling album compilation series ever only being beaten by the ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ album collection so there must be a lot of demand for their music and the crowds that visit Es Paradis in 2008 backed that up.

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