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The Secret Is Out For Azuli’s Secret Beach Parties

It started out as an alternative to the usual Ibiza offering a season of turmoil that saw an end to all day parties, outdoor event and even clubs closing all together. Now beach azuli has become one of the most talked about events on the island with a series of secret beach parties each season taking place in amazing locations across the white island. The second of which in 2009 takes place on Tuesday 14th July.

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Azuli Announce Third Ibiza Beach Party

Club Azuli are back on 6th August with the third in their summer series of secret beach parties. The parties have been the talk of the island, attracting crowds of chic and stylish, music loving, beautiful Ibiza party people. The third instalment of Beach Azuli will be in a new, stunning, secret beach location somewhere on the island, where guests can enjoy an all day BBQ with blissed out beats, building to some of the best in electronic edged house, all with a Balearic slant. Clubbers will dance as the sun goes down surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery Ibiza has to offer. As always, special guest DJs will be turning up to make this a party that those lucky enough to find will never forget.

Andy Cato from Groove Armada compared the Beach Azuli party he played at to the Space Terrace when he first came to the island many years ago. Azuli head honcho David Piccioni has created a very special vibe, made even more special by the fact that it’s not given to you on a plate. This is a party that you need to hear about on the grapevine and that requires effort to find; and as always, the greater the effort, the greater the reward.

Ibiza regulars and those in the know are flocking to the Azuli beach parties, recognising them as a rare opportunity to experience the true Ibiza vibe, surrounded by the magical natural beauty of the island. These are the parties that will be talked about for many years to come.

The only way to get to this party is to visit www.azuli.com/secretibiza where tickets may be purchased, however no information on the location will be released until the day before the party, when you will receive a text message with all the details. Next, start your mission to find the party and then revel in the fact that you made it when so many others will sadly miss out.

If you need proof that these parties do exist, go to www.azuli.com/azuli_tv.php where you can find footage of the best parties the White Isle has seen for a very long time…


Beach Azuli – Secret Ibiza Series
Wednesday 6th August
4pm – 12 Midnight, includes Barbeque throughout the day
Secret Location
Entrance – 15 Euro

Azuli Secret Beach Parties


Club Azuli have announced that they will be putting on a second secret beach party in Ibiza after the phenomenal success of the first one in early June. Crowds of the cool and the colourful in Ibiza took out their maps and followed the trail to the secret beach location where they partied while the sun went down and then carried on into the night. Now, with rumours reverberating around the island about this unforgettable party, no one wants to miss out on the next one. Never ones to disappoint, Beach Azuli is back on 8th July at a new, stunning location and with plenty more surprises in store…

One big surprise at the first party was the line up which included the inimitable Crazy P playing live and DJing. As if this wasn’t enough, Groove Armada’s legendary Andy Cato turned up behind the decks to deliver an incredible Balearic set which he seemed to enjoy as much as the hundreds of clubbers facing him with hands in the air. If you’re wondering what the party was like, Andy summed up the vibe and excitement perfectly,

“This is what the Space Terrace was like when I first came to Ibiza; it’s good to have it back!”

People talk about the ‘old Space Terrace’ in hushed and reverential tones; something of legend that will never be repeated, but Azuli are getting close. These secret beach parties are recreating that magical Ibiza experience that will never be forgotten.

As before, you can buy tickets to the next party at www.azuli.com/secretibiza but in the fine tradition of the greatest parties, you won’t find out where it is or who’s going to be there until the day before.

What you can expect is a very cool and stylish crowd, all in the mood for a party, the best music out there, and an Ibiza experience that will stay with you forever. There will be an all day BBQ where you can chill, listening to the blissed out beats while you prepare yourself for the excitement to come. You can expect to be awestruck at the natural beauty of the location, and you can expect to come away from the party already counting down the hours until the next one…


Beach Azuli – Secret Ibiza Series
Tuesday 8th July
4pm – 12 Midnight, includes Barbeque throughout the day
Secret Location
Entrance – 15 Euro
Advance Tickets: www.clubtickets.com

Check out this video from the last party

Source: Azuli Email