Space Opening Party 2010

The space opening party is one of the biggest and best Opening Parties on the Island, Traditionally signalling the start of the season it now marks the end of the Music conference that is held annually on the island, There are other nights on around that time and this year there seems to be more than ever. Space is still the leader when it comes to opening parties.

This year it seems they have gone one step further, breaking the mould of what should or shouldn’t be expected from a club. For the first time that i am aware for any club in Ibiza, Space will be holding their opening party over two days. On their website there is some artwork putting the opening party dates as the 29th and 30th of May starting at 4.30pm

No Ticket information is available yet . Space may have done this because last year there were a few people unhappy because even though they had bought a ticket for the opening party, when they got their they were told it was full and they couldn’t enter. By having a two day event it means they can sell more tickets and hopefully fit everybody in. This news has just doubled the fun i will have that weekend!

Ticket prices for the weekend are €55 for the first day, €65 for the second day or €100 for both days which also gets you free entry to the Kehakuma opening party on the 1st June.

space opening 2010

The lineup is not available in full yet but some initial names to play are:

Day 1 29th May
Fatboy Slim
John Digweed
Groove Armada (Andy Cato Dj Set)
Pete Tong- Mark Knight
Elio Riso & Remo
Feed Me
Bruno From Ibiza
Camilo Franco
Carlos Simon
Dan Tait
David Moreno
Gabi Cubero
Joan Ribas
Jon Rundell
Jonathan Ulysses
Jose Maria Ramon
Liz & Baker
Mr. Bosco
Oscar Cano
Oscar Colorado
Pablo Kopanos
Paul Darey
Rafa Ariza
Ramon Castells
Reche-Valentin Huedo.

Day 2 30th May
Carl Cox
Steve Lawler
Chris Liebing
2000 And One
Cristian Varela
Elio Riso
Guy Gerber
Nick Curly
Pascal Feos
Radio Slave
Simon Baker
Sis (Live )
Wally Lopez
Alex Celler & Anthea
Camilo Franco
Danny Serrano & Arado
Federico Grazzini
Federico Molinari
Fernando K-Po
Glimpse (Live)
Iban Mendoza
Javi Peña
Jose María Ramón
Mateo Vitale
Mr. Doris
Oscar Cano
Oscar Colorado
Paola Poletto
Paul Darey
Ramon Castells
Ray Okpara
System Of Survival
Valentin Huedo.

Source: Space Ibiza Spotlight

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