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  • Space Opening 2011

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    Dec 17

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    Space will open on Sunday the 29th of May 2011, Originally, i reported that the opening party would be spread over two days again as it was in 2010, however this information seems to have changed and it now only seems to be the Sunday which will be the opening party. It’s a shame, because i thought the two-day parties would become something in themselves, however after being on the island for the opening weekend in 2010, many people said the first day was quiet, maybe this is the result.

    The line-ups will come out in dribs and drabs, i will update this post when i read about it, however the main update will be when the full lineup is announced.

    If you get the opportunity, this opening weekend is a great weekend to be on the Island, everybody has a buzz about them because it’s the start of a fresh year and they have been waiting all winter for it! This post is about space but the opening weekend is about so much more, it will be a time of year you never have a bad word to say!



    Carl Cox
    Jeff Mills
    John Digweed
    Andy Fletcher “Dj Set” Depeche Mode
    Steve Lawler
    Fedde Le Grand
    Wally Lopez
    Mark Knight
    Cristian Varela
    Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
    2000 And One
    Elio Riso
    Jon Rundell
    Paul Darey
    Jonathan Ulysses
    Danny Serrano
    Pablo Kopanos
    Rafa Ariza
    Danny Leblack
    Steffen Baumann
    Ramon Castells
    Oscar Cano
    Jose Maria Ramon
    Mr. Doris
    Fonsi Nieto
    Tania La Croix
    Rad Damon & Iban Reus
    Juan Gomez
    Tino Morgado
    Fabrik Club Dj
    Metro Club Dj
    Fever Club Dj

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