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Today I have a blog about something different; on the 24th August Silver Odyssey will be landing in Ibiza for a music and dining hyper experience! I wasn’t really clear when I first spoke to them so I thought an interview may well clear things up for myself and for you guys. If you are looking for something a little different before a night out, or even if you are not going out, why not check these guys out and and satisfy your curiosity!

ME) Hi Silver Odyssey! Silver Odyssey & Zenses, it sounds like it will be a very tranquil venue, what do you want people to be saying / feeling after they have had a night with you?

SO) We want our guests to feel uplifted, inspired and relaxed having explored their Inner Selves and the world around them. For this reason we have chosen to hold the event amongst the beautiful Orange Grove Gardens of Atzaro Spa Hotel, immersed in rural Ibiza.

ME) What should people expect when they turn up for a night with you?

SO) Progressive sensory experience canapés, reactive, music pre designed to stimulate your senses.
Music and sound frequencies on the night will be designed and manipulated by The Time & Space
Machine a.k.a. Rich Norris, legendary Balearic DJ Andy Carroll and music producer Alex Tepper.

ME) Were has your inspiration come from for the whole concept?

SO) Samantha Hemingway and Matt Hazelden are the founders, they created the concept from their own unique music, social and enlightening experiences, over the last 16 years in music industry. Wanting to combine high profile production and artists with reactive foods and medicinal Elixirs to give a unique Hyper Experience. The concept for Ibiza is a pre club, energising dining experience.

ME) The flyer says opening but your website only has one date down, is this a one off event for people?

SO) Silver Odyssey normally holds one off events in different locations around the world. It will be
returning to the UK and HQ in autumn then onto the United States. There is discussion of announcing
a second date in Ibiza for September.

ME) Would you ever consider doing a season in Ibiza? much like the clubs move in for the summer, your dining experience moves over for the summer?

SO) The launch will be a very special night, Ibiza has such amazing energy, so there will be talk of another date in September, stay tuned to for further information!

ME) Finally, what social circles do you expect to be entertaining, is it suitable for someone expecting a mad night out?

SO) Absolutely, Silver Odyssey IBIZA is focused as a PRE CLUB hyper experience, suited to clubbers, wanting a unique experience, a bite to eat, energising drinks, before going onto clubs like Space, Pacha et cetera. Sounds blend from Balearic DJ legends such as Andy Carroll and Rich
Norris. Silver Odyssey activates and stimulates natural energy PRE CLUB through Elixir potions and sensory canapés.

If you want to check out in advance what the night will sound like, why not have a listen to their mix on Sound Cloud.

Alex Tepper’s preview mix for Silver Odyssey IBIZA by Silver Odyssey

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