Sharing the knowledge

Here at Ibiza Blog my aim is to tell people about all things Ibiza. A couple of days ago i got into conversation with Charlie Chester, He has done a lot in Ibiza and he used to promote Circo Loco @ DC10, He also played himself in the film ‘It’s all Gone Pete Tong’.

At the moment Charlie is involved in two websites and as part of my aim with this site to let people know about all things Ibiza i am going to write a few posts over the next few days about them.

His first site is called and the site is going to be Re-Launched in may, I have a press release about this site that i will share with you guys, They have some big plans for Virtual Ibiza including more news and reviews about the whole island, this will be undertaken by a writer who has had great success so i will also tell you about her.

The second project Charlie has is called Icon Ibiza is a concept facility to book Luxury holidays in Ibiza along side VIP clubbing.

Ive looked at both these sites and I think they are really good and well worth a look for people who haven’t seen them, I will go over them both in a bit more detail over the next few days

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