RyanAir Are Not Playing Ball

It was brought to my attention in an earlier post about Ryanair flying to Ibiza throughout the winter. However it seems they have upset The people and the Balearic Government by not applying residents discount on internal spanish flights.

Ryanair fly between Ibiza and mainland of Spain and its a little known fact that if you are a resident then you get discount flights. However Ryanair have not bothered giving discounts which has landed them in a bit of a situation. Other airlines have made complaints about this because they all do give the discounts and now one councillor has called for Ryanair to loose its licence to be able to operate in Spanish airports.

Ryanair have obviously seen what they see as a gap in the market as with the current financial situation they wouldn’t be expanding if they didn’t think they would make money out of it. Residents discounts will have been something they have always been aware of and i think its very cheeky to barge in and do what they have done. Lets hope they sort it out so people can have a direct winter flight and the residents are not hard done by!

Source: The Ibiza Sun

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