Ronson – Ibiza Blog Sessions – August 2013

The summer season is at its height now in Ibiza and today i have a great set for our latest Ibiza Blog Sessions.

Manchester’s underground music scene is excellent at the moment and Ronson is responsible for part of its great success. Ronson is the former founder of Xpansion in Manchester and has teamed up with Sequential Records owner Jay Cosgrove to start up a new project Bocuma, which is due to launch this bank holiday Sunday, i also managed to catch a few words with him.

Hi Ronson thanks for doing a mix for us, the last mix of yours i listened too had Golden Girls Kinetic in it, which is probably one of my favourite tunes that reminds me of the very first time i went to Ibiza!

For the people who haven’t heard you, how would you describe your style?
A fine mix of deep and tech sounds… I have many inspirations from all genres and I think this comes across in my DJ sets. I like to get the crowd going and create a real energy on the dance floor.

What inspires you most about Ibiza when it comes to your music
The music scene is ground breaking it sets the tone for what is next and what the future holds, the island is so far ahead of the rest of us its amazing to go out there and be educated.

Your right part of what I love the most is going away and listening to stuff I haven’t heard before for a week or two.

Have you been out to Ibiza yet this season or do you have any plans to?
I have had some amazing times In Ibiza but still waiting on getting my chance with the big brands but hopefully in time that will happen and maybe even host an event if things work out with my new band Bocuma.

If you was going to organise your own party in Ibiza what would it be? Big Club? Hidden Club? Boat? Villa? Hotel pool? beach? Cave?
Cave party sounds pretty exciting but going off the back of hidden clubs that kind of strikes up a chord with memories of the beginnings of Zoo Project… What an unreal idea that was and to see where it has come from is amazing. If you go to Ibiza you need to go to the Zoo Project it`s such an a amazing experience the vibe and the music is class and the whole rave in a zoo thing is just the icing on the Cake.

I’m ashamed to say ive never made it to the Zoo project yet, despite my neighbour having Dj’d there!

Who would you have in your lineup?
Tough one, there`s a lot of candidates haha but I would have to say – Heidi / Cassy / Shonky / Miss Kitten / Roman Flugel / Sasha / Luciano / Tube & Berger to name a few.

What is your most memorable moment in Ibiza?
The sunset, your hear people speak about it and you sit there and try to take in what they are saying but until you actually experience it you have no idea of how truly amazing it is. No feeling has touched that for me.

Sunset Stip or Bora Bora?
In terms of preference on this I really couldn’t say. The sunset at Cafe Mambos is extra special and for me every sunset seems to be better than the last. The atmosphere there is amazing and the DJ line ups always back up the great setting out there. Bora Bora on the other hand is a place you have to experience on the Island. A must on the Space Sundays event where everyone gets together on the beach and really set the tone for the party ahead. They both do the business for me in different ways

Finally if people can’t see you In Ibiza this summer where can they hear you play?
It’s been a busy year for me so far and I have been fortunate to DJ at some really cool venues In Manchester my home town and across the UK as well. I recently played at a new club called Gorilla in Manchester which for me has been one of the highlights. It’s got a real underground edge to the venue and they have had some seriously decent bookings over the past few months. You can catch me there on a regular basis. Artists such as Nic Fanculli, Nick Curley, Radio Slave and many more have all guested there so its a place to keep an eye on in the future If you’re coming to manchester.

I have also decided to fully focus on my new up and coming brand “Bocuma” this year, and so Ibiza has had to be sadly put on hold for 2013. From past experiences with events management I have decided to take what I’ve learnt and really adapt those qualities into what I see as a serious potential with this brand. I have teamed up with Sequential Records boss Jay Cosgrove to host some seriously cool parties over the Autumn months. Our first event will host Venus Manchester who have in tern had some amazing success this year booking some seriously huge house hold names. It’s a very exciting time for us and our first party will launch on bank Holiday Sunday 25th August 2013. The Line-up will host some of the music scenes biggest Artists and brands. On the launch party We have none other than Circus Records artist David Glass. He will be headlining on the event who’s productions have seen the rise of the Liverpool based talent already having regular tracks dropped by the likes of Carl Cox and Yousef at Space ibiza. Along with David “Bocuma” also welcome Electronique label boss Si Heslin and chief promoter DJ Si Alker who’s success in the beatport charts these past couple of years have just been astronomical. With artist such as Finnebassen, Leftwing & Kody, Toky and many many many more to add to that roster Electronique find themselves in a league of their own when it comes to talent and original releases. The line-up doesn’t stop there with Anton Fitz owner and founder of Leeds based night Teknicolor also joining the party! Not much more has to be said on this guy with regular slots at the Warehouse project and the success story of his Thursday night sell out event he adds to the amazing list of acts that will all be performing under one roof.The event is topped off with 2 more acts the 5 times voted best event In Manchester founder Ronnie Gill of Micron and Northampton based brand Half Full Jordan and Josh Turnbill finish off what is without question one of the biggest launch events Manchester has seen in some time. Bocuma is set to hit off with an enormous bang.

We already have September and October set and to say we are excited about the announcements of the line ups is an understatement. Missing Ibiza or just this year is well worth it I reckon and hopefully if and when the success of Bocuma arrises it would be great to potentially take the brand out in the summer of 2014 we will just have to wait and see.

I have a blog post coming up about the Electronique boys in Ibiza this year and hopefully a Mix from them, ive pestered them a few times, there doing some great stuff

Well thank you for taking time out for me today, i’ll let the music do the talking from now and im sure ill probably bump into you at some point with all the stuff you’re doing in Manchester, Thanks for the mix

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